I picked up some followers here after I stopped using this account -- I'm now on @Alexis.

Other users used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when Mastodon kept balance between the furries, the commies, the techies, and all the queer people.

But that all changed when the birdsite attacked.

I'm @Daily, too, now, though I dunno what the exact tootplanet:dot-social ratio of use will end up being.

@strangebabbles@tootplanet.space @InspectorCaracal There's a Buffy where she and Riley fuck a house to shreds which I suppose would be about 15 minutes long that way, but uuuurgh.

@InspectorCaracal @strangebabbles@tootplanet.space SO BORING, and it almost never adds anything you couldn't accomplish with a fade to black.

@strangebabbles@tootplanet.space At least in a book you can sort of skim it, on TV they /happen/ /at you/.

@thiskurt @strangebabbles@tootplanet.space I'm going back to MySpace. I'll pretend to be a blog or a band or whatever they're doing these days.

@strangebabbles@tootplanet.space Also did you delete Twitter again.

@thiskurt Might've been two things, then, I definitely remember a zombie one.

Annual reminder that Y2K was a real problem, solved by countless nerds that did such a good job that everyone though it was just media hype.

Thanks old nerds!

@Daily @strangebabbles@tootplanet.space Here's a simple mnemonic: First come marriage, then comes porridge, then comes the Gesundheit repository which can be checked in if you have port 8532 open, unless you're in a pre-existing domain managed by a server running the second Gesundheit which will be blocked unless you convert its mass to energy and carry the one to your local representative unless it's a dictator in which case you should ask your administrator.

@thiskurt @strangebabbles@tootplanet.space See, I had it next to the Second Gesundheit.

"Ooh, my, how the tables have burned," the arsonist said, finally getting the upper hand.

so, mastodon users, how does a computer work? heres a helpful analogy i came up with a while ago:

the CPU (the BRAIN of the computer) takes data from the RAM (kinda like the computer's BRAIN) and stores it on the hard disk (which can be thought of as the BRAIN of the computer)

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