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I'll try to think about this advice column piece; 'All you have to be is a human being. That’s success. When you’re a human being, life feels satisfying. Everything adds up. Every little thing matters. Look at what you have. This is where it all begins. All you have to do is open your eyes.'

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Posting out my first prints to Patreon supporters this week! You can join my $10 a month tier for a different 5x7 inch print like this in the mail every month - including p&p - wherever you are in the world.

Access to fill time lapse videos & patron only blog posts too!

google how do I get a bunch of pigs to stop courting my already fat pony by bringing him their food ?

👺📢attention one and all!📢👺​
we stand again upon the very precipice of GOBLIN WEEK 2019, the most currently annual edition of the ongoing festivity of boggart-drawing anarchy. From the 20th to the 27th of January drawing enthusiasts of all confidence levels can get messy, be playful, decide what a goblin is & subject the world to your chaotic vision as daily & as free from stress as you can.

be sure to tag your works #goblinweek #goblinweek2019 to join the goblin parade!

Goodnight friends! Empty dazzling skies for most of today, temperature dropping until the air feels brittle & sharp. Magpies bobbing & snapping in the air like black darts inconstantly fletched w/white.

Maybe its too early, but hopes are still rising w/the new drug I'm taking—I feel like I might be recalculating my perception of fatigue over the next few weeks if pain won't be such a glaring landmark.

May we believe in the possibility of transformation today, for ourselves & our circumstances!

Goodnight friends! Dour & silently drizzly for most of the day, & frigid. On nights like this with everything saturated & beaded w/rain the outlines of things become abstracted, loose arrangements of twinkling gems.

Drained, maybe from the cold & darkness, or reacting to pushing a little too hard at daily activities w/lower pain level. Want to keep focussing on feeling livelier, less impaired.

May we offer help wherever we can today, & remain compassionately aware of our limits & limitations.

Goodnight friends! Clear again, only tissue veils of cloud hanging like tattered cobwebs from a deep, dark blue vault. The vastly open sky gave a bright, deafening chill to the day. A small crisp beautiful sickle moon, silvery grey in the day & honey gold after dark.

Duly exhausted by horticulture & walking yesterday I was v. aware of sticking w/my plan for today to stay sedentary & let myself recover—finding a rhythm.

May we share our love & fellowship generously today, & be rewarded in kind!

If you've never seen Jeremy Brett play Holmes, you've never seen Holmes.

Some puppers from a little while ago, pet portrait commission, whippets

my fav chronic fatigue meme of myself is managing to have a shower then having just enough energy left to put on underwear and one (1) sock

like clockwork, here I am again contemplating the inexorable bizarre beauty of life with one cold foot

Took this unbelievably weird photo in a reptile house. It's a strange frog in a tank and most of the rest of the photo is a reflection of me

I still can't get over the fact that last night my three year old said "goodnight jerks" to me and my wife before going to bed.

A pet portrait commission from a little while ago, it was for a christmas gift :)

Goodnight friends! Weather remains overcast & colder, rarely rising above 0°c, & the air has a damp misty thickness to it. Outside are still snatches of birdsong & flickers of movement under a pale featureless sky.

Feeling fairly strong though, not unmanagable backlash from taking a walk—time to be more cautious about trapping myself in a rolling relapse. Gave myself low-key tasks like deadheading housplants.

May we grant ourselves & each other time & space to grow today & find out who we are!

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