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Rosemary beetle! Metallic rainbow sheen?? ERK

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When I am bored my fingers will automatically type in he sites I used to visit regulrarly.

I'll get half way through "4ch" or "redd" then realise, good things don't happen there and stop. Going to Mastodon or Twitter or instead.

I guess one day i'll start typing "twi".

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I need to draw a cool beetle or bug - I've done a few shield/stink bugs...any suggestions?

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'How am I going to try to stave off default feelings of worthlessness today using the energy I have available?' - mornings

This hooded wolfy scarf thing is really really gigantic. I'm going to have to reduce the hood size. I'm mostly making it up as I go along. Just in time...for...spring....oops

bleh I think my macbook has completely died! Will put some geckos'n'beetles originals up for sale when I get my sh*t together & some prints...uh...when I can access a computer to edit the scans I guess?? To raise money for a computer so I can draw digital anthro stufffff

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Happy new year~ wishing all of us a happy, healthy & prosperous 🐕♻️🐩

I think perhaps that taking this via Tumblr has knocked the contrast up a little too much. But here's an attempt at a scan, anyway!

Whew life is exhausting. Not as exhausting as not living life bc of fatigue though.

Slightly rubbish time lapse video, my tripod thing just arrived so I set it up real quick like.

I should really scan these as my phone does them no favours at all. Maybe later today. Leaf tailed !

I'm drawing a leaf tailed gecko today, they're so cool :3

I need to draw a cockatoo anthro and a capybara now too. I am currently obsessed with cockatoos.