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SnoOoOoOooooowflake πŸ‘»

Dealers are callin' it Subway Walrus, It's made from yerba mate and Ambien. Found this dude at TGI Friday's wearin' nothin' but a velcro cowboy hat buildin' a diorama of Jerry Seinfeld's living room.

I went down a bit of a google hole earlier when I was searching for gecko images and found this picture used apparently in earnest on at least 2 different factual websites

I'm window watching my wife planting flower bulbs in Autumn soil. (I provided her with grass cuttings from the lawn). It occurs to me how her efforts in the soil now is based solely on hope for the days yet to come. That's not just metaphorical musing. Many Spring bulbs became food for squirrels and chipmunks. Still, she plants and nurtures and then will wait at winter's end for these flowers to arrive. I'm so grateful for her foresight and patience and love of the world.

waitin around for my claasss (also u can see my thighs in this pic haha)

Today went well. I am tired. Brain having dopamine = good. All hail methylphenidate.

Be the weird you want to see in the world

FETCH ME MY ADVENTURE TROUSERS. I found this jacket for Β£4.95 in a charity shop and put my RSPB bird pins on it. YES. Sometimes my nose looks like it came with my glasses.

This is the season where we tell how I wanted to show my 3 year old I could cut out the face she drew on a pumpkin. She markered gleefully and I spread the newspapers on the back stoop, then took the knife and removed the pumpkin top, inviting her to help me scoop the orange guts. She came close, then ran off screaming at how yucky it was. So I scooped alone.

A few minutes later she ran back over, "Look, mom! I found slugs!" she said, her hands oozing full of them.


Goodnight friends! Today has been a v.short, dark & rainy day, with night coming on when I felt like I'd hardly woken up. On the plus side, after dark the porch light ignites the birch like a flare.

As always–a lesson I'm slow to learn–as soon as I stop castigating myself for feeling worse than I "should" & pushing into it I'm able to untense, start resting meaningfully. Focus on recuperation rather than struggling to live beyond my means.

May we be compassionately aware of our bodies today!

First piece from this morning, pretty new to coloured pencils etc, pleased with the potential

I drew for 6 hours today! Just decided I would do it and ignore the housework, sat down and did it. I couldn't do this before, not ever, unless I was in kind of a manic episode. And just like work on the se thing for hours and finish it, it's alien to me.

my housemate did a take down of james corden last year, for admittedly frivolous (but not entirely unrelated) reasons

I'm a bat for Halloween πŸ¦‡!!!