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I'm moving over to - follow me <3

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I'll try to think about this advice column piece; 'All you have to be is a human being. That’s success. When you’re a human being, life feels satisfying. Everything adds up. Every little thing matters. Look at what you have. This is where it all begins. All you have to do is open your eyes.'

Heyy reminder that I've moved to <3

I'm moving over to - follow me <3

I get this buddhist email newsletter and today it said, 4 words to help you deal with strong emotions: real but not true.

Digital cow drawing from yesterday <3 I am enjoying this format, it's simple but it feels enjoyable and natural.

Ooh nikki from OITNB has her own Netflix show, I am on it

phew, at last~ I've had bum hands this #GoblinWeek but at least now on the final day I can make a small contribution to the festivities!

Goblin minstrels are famed for their improvisational, team-based musicianship & determination to constantly innovate beyond the bounds of conventional harmony. A goblin concert is often said to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Twice in a lifetime is ill-advised for those who want to keep their hearing.

#GoblinWeek2019 #CreativeToots #MastoArt #MastoDraw

I had to look up the Tegan and Sara song bc I was this carly rae jepson?? I forgot about tegan & sara. Will listen tomorrow. <3

I'm watching this comedy called friends from college and it has a Pavement theme tune and they played a Veruca Salt song last episode and a Tegan and Sara one this episode. GOOD MUSIC

Goodnight friends! Fresher day—brittle gusts tasting of frost. Mobile skyscape full of light & menace shot through w/ribbons of blue. Iron-black clouds on the horizon seemed to form huge inky unseasonal foliage for the bare & ragged trees.

Felt livelier w/open & drier weather—mobility still not what I'd like, but enough to take a walk w/ @Damage is a great source of joy.

May we push past the weight of 'shoulds' & 'oughts' & find our own purposes for ourselves & our lives today!

I wonder if I should paint an octopus traditionally or digitally. Traditional feels more difficult & tiring. Though it does mean I can't linger on mistakes and edit them.

I'm sorry I'm always so negative. I've been vaguely thinking about drawing an octopus, with a quote from 'The Soul Of An Octopus' (actually quoting another book by Henry Beston), "[animals] are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth'.

google how do I get a bunch of pigs to stop courting my already fat pony by bringing him their food ?

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