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Snowflake Damage

Can't remember if I've ever seen anything like this - maybe when I was a kid, but maybe that seemed like more snow in comparison to small me

The two genders:

🐦bird that hop

🐦bird that drag toe

The family that crimes together stays together; the parents of Kindness, my tiefling assassin.

Whisper and Fell [last name redacted] - he's a forger, she's a gang-boss. Together they are far too hot.

yo mastodartists! @Curator made us a community on #liberapay, so come join us to make a one-stop shop for anyone looking to spread #alittlelibera love around!

There's an episode of criminal about someone called ken mcelroy who bullied a whole town.

I take payment in spoons of puddin. No bitecoin

Poor people aren't lazy and also being lazy doesn't mean you don't deserve a decent life.

Hey! I'm now live for #commissions !

I'm in need of money to keep my head above water. I'm probably going to be without heat this month BUT maybe if I get some work in it'd help a bunch!
I love drawing #oc interaction pieces! I draw human and anthros. Backgrounds are something I want to dapple into more of.
If you're interested in commissioning me please take a look at my website I just pa'zazz'd up!
#mastoart #art #creativetoots #furry #commissions

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(Photo by brooke goldman via the dodo)

Urgh, nauseous this morning. Not sure if it's the neck pain, or steroids, or something else. Probably shouldn't have taken them on an empty stomach actually, I'll change that up tomorrow. Neck pain is better but still there.

Don’t think I’ve done a here on Mastodon yet. I haven’t thought of this as a place where you «follow» people, but rather a place where you meet interesting people to talk to.

In that vein, I would recommend @katebowles, @lauraritchie, @ShorterPearson, @econproph, @Tdorey, @clhendricksbc — all people you can have good conversations with and even come to call friends.

Square dancing was a racist hoax funded by Henry Ford to get white people to stop dancing to black music / Boing Boing -

look, i just want to focus on experiencing work made by others and building work that others can experience, and maybe spend less time handwringing about the institutionalized exploitation that prevents these things from happening in a healthy, sustainable way, is that too much to ask?

(yes, these are consequences of existing as an entity in this world)