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Damage (Carapesque) @ cfz2018 @Damage@mastodon.social

An Mouse. been looking at simple styles. dont need loads of rendering to make something look shiny I GUESS. I'd like to get to the point of being able to take commissions for people's characters. I think i would anyway...

Did some sketches of Max the youtube cockatoo doing his turning-in-a-circle-and-saying-hi. For a zine I'm hoping to draw!

Okay I made it a bit crisper wit poppier highlights.

By age 35, you should have discovered your entire life is an implanted memory and that the people who implanted it in your head want you dead… so you journey to Mars to liberate the red planet, guided by video of yourself before the memory wipe, according to retirement experts.

Cephalachihuahaha. Still playing with clip studio. A bit over-renderer, might try to simplify. But yeah. It's uh, a cuttlefish dog.

ahhh I got sonic 2 to work! so fun! I thought it was the thing I used to play but it's different, the one I had as a kid was on the master system 2, I thought it was sonic 2 but maybe it was 1? or maybe there's a different genesis version? anyway it's great and more complex than the game I remember. adhd gamez

Think I need to buy an xbox controller for my surface if I want to play platformers on steam. can't get unbranded ones to work. I wish I was more interested in games, I want to play games and chat to people like other people do. But I don't have a lot of patience for them. Thinking of getting sonic mania tho.

Something really weird happened to this picture?!

It was a real challenge to make myself sit and do this. It took ages and my time lapse app crashed so no video! Exhausted, not sure if it's insomnia, anxiety, coming down with something or an ADHD focus crash. This was a bit ambitious and I'll draw smaller next time!!

im absolutely exhausted, had to cancel on bandmate & gonna go to bed super early

Im building a new website/shop for our home studio & finally got round to redrawing our logo :)

I checked in on Harley the cockatoo, they are still excellent youtu.be/qh5dnHI3ddo

positive about life Show more

positive about life Show more

Goodnight friends! Dark days again. A pale pinhole smudge of a sun, so recently blinding, barely made itself known behind the clouds. Daisies, flushed with rain were gallant little mirrors. I saw a ruddy orange bee in the grass crawl into a cute little bee hole.

A little less shaky today–I think leaning into immobility yesterday paid off, combined w/drier weather. Not back in a good form, but getting back to stable.

May we accept & love who we are today, & build our better selves for tomorrow!