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Damage (Carapesque) @Damage@mastodon.social

Goodnight friends! Clouds spread out over the sky again today, low & dull grey. Around dusk there was a brief hot flash of rain. Every living scent dried out in the sun came alive again & spilled in through all the open windows. On a humid, damp evening it was like for a few minutes there was no difference between inside & outside.

Sleepless & worn out, all shaken up as I'd expect by going out & overcast weather.

May we define ourselves by our potential today, & let our pasts stay behind us!

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I went on a small hat spree. It's so hot I wanted a hat to keep the sun off and I also saw this flat cap >__<

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Urrgghh might try eliminating garlic as well as onions after reading something bc I just had a bad acid reflux/burning pain/completely failing to digest my dinner attack. And I've been so bloated it's affected my breathing. But a life without garlic??? :O

Had a go at at a raindrop contour cow earlier, the scale was a bit large for me, couldn't keep my hands steady. Experimenting with splattered acrylic ink. Will try some smaller pieces tomorrow, hopefully will have more energy and less anxiety :)

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Also at the risk of being insufferable I noticed that feeling angry at other people feels like almost exactly the same as feeling angry with myself. So I would like to reduce both. And Kristin Neff says self comforting can release oxytocin same as being comforted by others. And it did kind of feel that way when I tried it. You feel kind of soppy and connected. It's nice.

I Used The Phone this morning, rearranged a blood test, went in for blood test, did shopping, realised I can Actually Stop And Rest Before I Go Home That Is Allowed and did that. And now I'm on my way home much less exhausted than i'd usually be. I can be real single minded.

What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?

Waking up dehydrated when you haven't even been drinking. Yuuucckkkk.

There are like, 10 moths in the bedroom. What do? :(

Maybe, against the trend of all past experience, I will feel less tired tomorrow?

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This little friend on our hops is a ladybug before it gets its cool paint job. 🐞

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