I get this buddhist email newsletter and today it said, 4 words to help you deal with strong emotions: real but not true.

@Damage Thank you for sharing this. I co facilitate a Queer support group, and one of our members is struggling with negative emotions. This framework might help!

@QwyrdoAD I'm glad! it's another way of putting something i struggle with a lot and am working on, the idea that my very strong emotions won't destroy me, they needn't change anything, and are not shameful. I'm trying to accept that I will always feel things very strongly & that feeling terror or despair doesn't mean I've failed again to cope with life, it's just the way I experience life, is transient, & it's a way of experiencing life very fully.

@QwyrdoAD I suppose those are different points actually but another facet of being someone with unstable/intense emotions. Anxiety can be really scary & tell you things which feel very real. Real but not true! :3

@Damage Right! Emotions aren't good or bad, they just are. My co facilitator likens them to weather. Unpredictable, and not much can be done to avoid them.

As I often put it: I may *feel* angry (or whatever), but I don't have to *become* angry. The emotion is not me, I'm merely experiencing it. I can control (sometimes) how or if I engage with it.
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