Some puppers from a little while ago, pet portrait commission, whippets

Took this unbelievably weird photo in a reptile house. It's a strange frog in a tank and most of the rest of the photo is a reflection of me

A pet portrait commission from a little while ago, it was for a christmas gift :)

Feeling optimistic about this year. And found a direction to go in for my traditional animal art next after only a day or two of not knowing what to do. Went away for NYE, had fun, tired now - just got back to my lovely @paralithode - we're celebrating 10 years together.

Reminder <3 scan your body, review yr feelings, do something small and kind for yourself, or carry on & know that whatever you're doing is just fine.

I forgot I'd have some nice news today - people will be opening the portrait commissions they're being gifted for xmas. Got a lovely message about this cat drawing I'm really proud of. It was a memorial picture. I enjoyed drawing it. <3

I don't think I had any idea how awesome I looked like 12 years ago

When I was in a band and I had this t-shirt from Primark. MaNy years ago

Feeling terrible but this arrived, treated myself to a beautiful pin badge and some gifts for family.

Selfie, eye contact 

Jmz' phone and computer died at the same time :p we just need to get a couple of hard drives, we can do that but any support towards getting them via art or ko-fi much appreciated :3 us and our computers eh...

by 'this bee' i mean more or less the bottom drawing! Trying to use my own photos for reference now..

Hope I can settle down enough to do some drawing today, heart is hammering & stimulants doing the opposite of what they're supposed to at the moment. If I don't draw/do a specific thing for a while it's so hard to start it again! Hoping to do a mixed media rendering of this bee and record it, as warm up before I get back into my commissions!

Comics arrived! Looks pretty good! The text is a bit big on some of the pages but that's not terrible. (Attention to detail is not going on my CV). One of the sticker designs is missing too so I need to sort that out. I like the badge a lot better than I thought I would!

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