Don't eat the rich. Humans contain a lot of toxins that are harmful to humans, and eating them doubles up on that. Also they contain (obviously enough) human vector diseases that you can catch in a way eating another species you wouldn't necessarily; Compost the rich and use them to grow other crops instead.

@DamienGranz Aurene didn't have that problem because dragons have 100% efficient digestive systems.

She's eaten a god and a dictator so far.

(Although come to think of it she was pretty tired after the second one, so maybe she's sick?)

@DamienGranz Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding be the warden of the compost, as composting the rich is pivotal to a rich ha-ha-harvest, for the masses! scnr, bk

@DamienGranz I see your point, but it’s missing out on the joys of cannibalism.

@DamienGranz also, prion disease. Never fuck with prion disease.

@DamienGranz the blood of the bourgeoisie will oil the machines and fertilise the farms

@jackofallEves @DamienGranz actually you want to cook the compost to get rid of the remaining diseases. Then it can be used for fertilizer with the rest of the vegetable compost.

@DamienGranz good point. ain’t nobody got time for creutzfeldt-jakob disease.

@DamienGranz that doesn't add up. Your compost needs to be clean of toxins as well.

@DamienGranz I want to know what the threshold for rich is. And once you're over that threshold, if you give a certain percentage to charity or the arts, are you exempt from being eaten?

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