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@dnorman what, like people blogging again, with well functioning RSS readers and feeds? That'll never work!

anyways has been updated with several fixes that take care of various issues, I hope @Dan_Blick

Did someone make this go viral somewhere again? Should I know about it?

@mikebutcher The best (most usable) free/open/interoperable Twitter replacement to date. Real test will be how seamless running your own instance can be made as that – at its core – is what separates it from Twitter. On that note, my personal approach to this problem space is that we need to decentralise not at the collective level (a Twitter of Twitters) but at the individual level (a p2p network of individuals). As far the former approach goes, this is a very promising project.

what if the only person on here is @Gargron and we're all actually chatbots

So I finally got my health insurance contribution numbers and it literally doubles my living expenses, so I updated my Patreon goals accordingly. There's also a new reward tier - pledge $40 if you want me to install/configure on your server and keep it updated

@sleslie @dkernohan @Patlockley @Downes If anyone needs help I'm up for it *especially* if you're a patron

@Dan_Blick @mahabali @cogdog @clhendricksbc @Readywriting It's the reason behind a lifetime of flat shoes: there will be fleeing. There will be indecent haste. There will be all kinds of social hopeless.

@cogdog choose turn the page:

find you have gone to p.8 of a Schubert trio and realise you have neither pianist nor violinist.

You are forced to play more Bach.

Go to p.72

@clhendricksbc @Dan_Blick @cogdog @Readywriting I stand like a secret service agent frowning implacably at the crowd till my free drink is done, and then I flee with indecent haste. I am absolutely the most rubbish at this.

@mahabali knows that this is why the assumption of conference networking as a social bonus makes me wary. For introverts it really often isn't. I have a capacity for it measurable in minutes.

You enter a large ballroom or conference venue, full of groups of people having interesting conversations. Many people you know, quite a few you do not. Do you expect to be part of every conversations from start to finish? Do you mill about seeing where you can drop in? Do you rely on people later to tell you what you heard?

@cogdog In real life, I'd hurry up and get myself a beverage, find a suitable bit of wall to stand next to and try my damndest to look like I'm doing exactly the thing I want most to be doing.

Online I read through the thread to find out if I think I have something to add that hasn't already been said.

Just a little test to see if the hashtag shows up in the search column

@katebowles @jaklumen @Tdorey @actualham @Dan_Blick @fgraver @Autumm @mahabali

I'm too introverted to comment ;-)

Too simplistic to be a singular state. I find in person socializing totally draining, but I can sustain it for short stretches, but crave to be away. Online is much easier to be both at same time.

@katebowles @lauraritchie @taniasheko @actualham @daniellynds @catherinecronin @Dan_Blick @mdvfunes @fgraver

What if we let go of the desire to be up and down all great conversations? I don't mind wading into the middle, sometimes going upstream, but sometimes just blurting in the middle. If it's really important, someone can amplify.

Hey masto do me a favor and tell me whether you comprehend any of these sentence fragments

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