Ok sweethearts. I have to leave you now.

No, do not cry. I'll be back.

I enjoyed it here with you today 😘

So slowly I should go to bed. Usually needs to get up in 2.5 hours 😱

Do you know what I love about mastodon? There are so many amazing colorful people. It's like in heaven 😍

my girlfriend is the most beautiful woman alive and i’m so so so gay

@Ragdolly 👋🏼 welcome. Thank you for follow back. That pleases me 🎉

A cloudy and stormy day on 07/28/2018 in North Germany.

Do not let the flag irritate you. My Stepfather is a Fan of the USA, but no fan of Trump^^

On a more positive note, if you were abused, I will stand with you.
You can always drop me a line.
You will NEVER bother me. We can play cute games. We can share stories. Or watch puppies climbing stairs.
I see you. I believe you. I love you.

Dear Ladies & Lords :) I'm still new to this instance. You may follow me. Nothing bad will happen. Only one thing will change. You enrich your timeline with my Toots. So feel free to follow me and enjoi the miracles that happen ✨

💟 selfie of a pretty #trans gorl, no eye contact 💟 Show more

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