Time for coffee and another dollar. Hope AWS and Autodesk software is working.

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This sums up my thoughts on iMessage. If Apple truly cared about privacy for more than a trendy marketing message, they wouldn’t dump messages to the majority of phones off to unencrypted SMS. androidpolice.com/2020/11/19/a

Hope Americans can just move ahead after this day. Ah, who are we kidding, this reality TV show for the rest of the world is not over.

Happy to find @Linux4Everyone here and other places. Another podcast to hear! Keep up the good videos and work.

During these stressful times, binge watching all the Fast & Furious movies helps.

These xbox reviews appear to be a loss of any new console generation feels.

Canadian coverage is all over the map. Electoral numbers are different everywhere from their sources.

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How to set up a USB video capture device in Linux, 2020 edition:

1) Plug device into USB port

Hope this helps someone, I've had variable experiences over the years and thought it might be good to document the process this time around.

Three cups of coffee should do the trick this morning. 630am and I'm ready to start working. Losing my dog and not having that routine is really screwing me up. I miss her so much.

Does every follower who owns a Tesla, have to talk about Tesla? Seriously, nothing else interesting to say? I love mine, but come on now.

Another day, another dollar. Coffee brewing to start it off.

What are your favorite podcast apps on android?

Finally watched Split. Pleasantly surprised.

Ate fried chicken, drank wine and watched The Punisher all day. It was a good day.

So with recent news about Google Chrome allowing some ads to not get blocked in a future update, what alternative browsers are you looking into now?

Once in a blue moon YouTube gets recommendations right on. Modern Classics has some great retro computing and a touch of vinyl.

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