First full day with the Note 9 and still had 40% battery. Unbelievable after everything I had to setup, install and screen time. What a great phone so far. My first gen Moto 360 still works too.

OMG what is going on in the crypto market?! I need to just ignore checking daily.

Finished House of Cards this morning. Such a different season with Robin Wright as lead. She played Claire so well. Sad that it’s over but what a finale 😳

These Apple prices are making me decide to not buy anything. Better to keep money in savings at this point instead of bad choices.

Waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to install is like watching paint dry.

I’m so bored with tech. Next week Apple event may just be the same old with higher prices. Interest rates went up today so less cash to buy items we don’t really need. 🤔 Good time to just focus on work and save.

Has it died down here and everyone went back to Twitter?🤔

These new new iPhones are too expensive and carriers are jacking up monthly plans. Sticking with my SE for now.

Still wish the new Apple Watch had all the heart features announced right now. Guess I can use the time I wait to save some money for it.

$2000 CAD for an iPhone Xs Max with 512GB. Ha, and everyone complained when the Note 9 was $1600. Oh well can’t even imagine carrier pricing when it’s announced.

In Next Gen everyone has a personal robot. Too bad tech companies are too focused on emojis and notches. 🙄

Watching Next Gen on Netflix. Great movie. This is what I wanted our future to be when I was a kid.

I love moving an indoor ota tv antenna and suddenly have another four channels from Bellingham, Washington.

The new Eminem album that came out at midnight is so good.

OMG 😲 how many iPhone YouTube videos do we need talking about rumours and calling them predictions?! Repeat. Rinse. Repeat every week. Enough already. 🤬

Started watching The Sinner season one. Half way through and I’m like WTF? This is much better than Castle Rock.

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