This Apple event is so cheesy and boring. What world lives in this sharing of everything? Not mine.

This weekend is going to be time for me to digitize cassette tapes. Using my trusty Mac Pro 3,1 and Pop!_OS for the duty. Picked up an older Marantz deck to assist with the duty.

Any recommendations on a light laptop to run Pop!OS on? Currently using a Acer C720 chromebook with 32GB SSD. Mostly for web surfing and listen to music.

Slowly working through reducing my daily tech workflow. Figuring out what I actually need and like even if it costs me conveniences. Watching too many privacy and security videos LOL😂

Woke up this morning and had a thought to switch monitors on my Mac Pro. But the display port doesn’t work on the installed card and only DVI using Pop!OS. I wonder if it never worked because I never tried with OSX.

how do you cool your computer? please boost as far as possible, i'm really curious to see how many people oil cool their computers

A week ago I installed on an unsupported chromebook. Got the firmware updated first and now have a working laptop. Amazing on 20.10 and battery still lasts.

Doing a simple upgrade on my Pop!OS Mac Pro 3,1 today. Ordered some drive trays to properly install the SSD drives in the bays. Last owner didn’t do it properly and I’ll remove the old spare 3.5” drive to reduce heat and power usage.

Love, death & robots is so good. Watch it if you have Netflix.

Watching this new show Mare Of Easttown. Not bad but it’s another murder cop drama with less episodes. :blobpats:

When the iPhone launched, all the cool apps were on the desktop, and you had to live with shitty web apps on your mobile.

Nowadays all the cool apps are on the mobiles, and you get shitty web apps for the desktop.

Guess I’m not getting one. Waited in line, entered details for nothing.

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