I just hope it's the cable or the powered USB hub causing it and not a problem with the phone itself.

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I guess this is why my phone is charging incredibly slowly...

I'm willing to bet this has something to do with that new Rockstar launcher. There's probably nothing wrong with the files but the launcher probably does something with them.

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I go to validate GTA V's files on Steam and...oh...let's just re-download the entire game again.

...I really need to get around and think of a better username...

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No, I'm not Darth Vader. Or Darth. Or Darth anything for that matter...so idk why some feel the need to say "Darth?" to me.

Hmm...strange, my Android phone seems to have reset some settings. Notifications that I have blocked previously seem to be coming back and everything is asking for permissions again.

...and here's a slightly better video of it in action, in campaign mode. Less jittery.

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Forcing first person camera for networked players in Halo 3 theater mode.

(Still need to re-do this video)

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Huh, in one of the episodes of the Sonic Boom cartoon, you can sort of hear a little bit of Fort Boyard's theme. It's not the same but very similar.
(Season 1 - Episode 25 at 04:28)

Too lazy to check atm, but I think that there is some kind of Steam sale going on. :V

Oh jeesh, I just remembered it's Black Friday this week. I hope it's not going to make my life terrible. D:

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