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Making a new pinned post since the old one is outdated, Making this for people to support me.

patron reward for @Darkwizardjamesmason ! thanks much for your support! :blob_cat_melt:

for as little as $1, you can get a bust like this AND get access to high res images, exclusive sketches, and previews, AND vote in polls!

#furry #furryart #mastoart

Request for anti-colonial education resources 

Does anyone know of any books or resources I could use to counter some of this? History for middle schoolers that counter this white-centered version of history?

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link to animal video 

dragons what's stopping you from treating me like this

Pillowfort TOS update, CSA 

Pillowfort is updating their terms of service to carve out an exception in their prohibition against child pornography to explicitly permit pornography depicting teenagers.

This is fucking disgusting.

a folder labelled "top secret" that just includes these files

a sleepy dogbot is taking a nap on your timeline.

look at her, she's just laying there despite all the posting going on around her

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

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