<rant>One of the things I don't like about Fediverse is Twitter crossposting because most people who have crossposting setup don't bother checking replies here. They spend all their time with Twitter and that makes it not worthy of following them here.</rant>

I see quite a few influencers "posting regularly" to via Twitter crossposter. Which, in its essence, would be fine if these people didn't completely ignore their Mastodon threads. They aren't actually present on this social network so why bother following them?

I now firmly believe that my vacuum cleaner and my microwave (both Samsung) were lovers ❤️ . Both were very old (over 10 years) and my vacuum cleaner died two days ago. The microwave died today. The only logical explanation is that the microwave died of a broken heart 💔 .

I don't like when people toot "RT@twitter.com". It feels wrong. I mean cross-post all you want, but if I want to follow you on Twitter then I'll just follow you on Twitter.

I think I'll abandon . For a while, at least. I have over 2000 followers there, which makes it very "alive" for me, but it takes too much of my time and energy. Maybe I'll just talk to the void here.

How many of you are interested in toots? How many gamers are here?

I have 90 000 tweets and most of them are video-games related. It's... what I do. I tweet about games.

@Gargron I just saw your iOS announcement and read the reasons "why". I love it. I don't have an iPhone, but I love your idea. Bravo! 👏

The EU approved Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax.

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