The EU approved Microsoft's acquisition of Zenimax.

How many of you played MUD back in the day when it was popular? I played it on (not ) server that was available to me, along with some friends. It was a cool experience. Basically where today's MMORPG games pull their roots from.

Nvidia GTX 1060 launch price: $299
Nvidia GTX 1060 launch price adjusted for inflation: $327
Nvidia RTX 3060 launch price: $329
Nvidia RTX 3060 launch price adjusted for reality: $899

@Gargron is it possible to verify Twitch and Twitter links in my Mastodon bio? I would love to have them green somehow.

It’s 2021 and I’m playing Destiny 1, Mass Effect 1, Halo CE campaign and dabbling in Mars War Logs.

I wish Xbox One OS resembled Xbox 360 OS more.


It’s 2007. You just booted up your Xbox 360. What are you playing?


I'll be practising some snipers in Cold War on Twitch in a sec and I know your time is valuable, but do hop on my chat and say hello if you can give me 5 minutes of your day.

Also, send someone who knows about beards. I need advice.

Which alcohol drink would you recommend I should taste? Not to get drunk, but to enjoy something nice. I'm no expert on this, 🍻 has been my reach so far.

Xbox is about to give free access to playing so called free to play games. No online multiplayer subscription required.

"There's a Steam Mobile app refresh planned, a look at the Steam Points program in the works, and continued interest in Linux. There's plenty more that we're working on that we can't talk about publicly just yet," Valve added.

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