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It's one of those things that most Communists are asked at some point in time by folks.

"What is it with you and other Communists and the USSR fixation?"

A Thread for your Amusement and Education....

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One of my first conversations and confrontations about my Communism... in a thread..

* Fellow traveler sees me watching a video clip on Leninism...

Him: You're a Communist? In this day and age? That's rare. Where are you from?

Me: India

The Hindu Right Wing is against education in any and all its forms because it makes others better than them.


4K RTs for a FAKE propaganda by IT cell. He is Pankaj Mishra from Allahabad & not Moinuddin. Pankaj did his master's in 2016 from TISS. Later worked on community health in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Currently doing research in community health at JNU. Got admitted in JNU in 2019.


The Centaur Hotel is a four-star hotel with central heating that had been running smoothly but suddenly became insufficient. The transfer of the detainees is a terrible demotion - a ploy at their further denigration to wear them down psychologically.

A coworker at one of the other offices in the country recently passed away, and the management of the company (a massive multinational Fortune 500 conglomerate with a presence on every continent except Antarctica) is circulating an email soliciting donations from other employees to provide for his wife and two young kids in the wake of his passing.

Capitalism, y'all. Isn't it glorious?

The dictator can invest in making
convincing state propaganda, censoring independent media, co-opting the elite, or equipping police to repress attempted uprisings—but he must finance such spending at the expense of the public’s living standards. Incompetent dictators can survive as long as economic shocks are not too large.

Dictators survive not because of their use of force or ideology but because they convince the public—rightly or wrongly—that they are competent.
Citizens do not observe the dictator’s type but infer it from signals inherent in their living standards, state propaganda, and messages sent by an informed elite via independent media.
If citizens conclude that the dictator is incompetent, they overthrow him in a revolution.


30,000 Gond Adivasis fled the Salwa Judum in 2006 came to Andhra Pradesh. They still live there in "illegal" settlements with no power, water, roads. Now, they want Forest Rights under a special provision. My story for


This is excellent work. The opaque special bond scheme was meant to do exactly this: legalise corruption. Usually Modi covers his tracks, but seems to have sent the directive himself here.

Modi PMO Ordered Illegal Electoral Bond Sale Before Vital State Polls | HuffPost India

Just a timely reminder that once upon a time, Shiv Sena agitated on streets against the naming of a University after Dr. Ambedkar....

Boost if you agree Education must be free for all

So let me get this straight....

Students at BHU DO NOT want to learn Sanskrit and don't want to get their 72 cows in the tabela in the sky?

Aha !!! Started as FREE... typical Gujarati business
Reliance Jio says it will increase mobile phone tariffs in next few weeks.

@Dasbolshevik Even though it is pragmatically unlikely, Overtaking China wudn't help us a lot. India is the second in the list of unequal distribution of wealth. Top 1% owns 58.4% of Total Wealth here, and Top 10% owns 80.4%.

U see wealth isn't the only problem we have, Equal Distribution is also there, and in fact, far bigger.

Bystanders should have intervened and stopped the police physically, like they should stop any thug attacking vulnerable people on the street.

Polic have respect because they are supposed to enforce law and order. Assaulting a disabled person is not what gets respect.

When police assault a person with disability who can't even see the blows coming, this is no better than the worst of criminals.

Condemn, disagree, but I think his friends should have attacked the cops to save him. He wouldn't be critical and the cops would think twice.

Students should learn from the lawyers. Better thrash than be thrashed.

Law abiding is superb, but if police don't care about rule of law, sar salamat to pagdi pachaas. You can't argue with an unprovoked attack. Protect yourself and peers!

The police didn't do lathi charge, of course. They were just running a special effects make up camp.


This pic was not on yesterday’s many TV debates. A section of TV journalists are behaving like BJP card holders to discredit and destroy JNU.


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