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One of my first conversations and confrontations about my Communism... in a thread..

* Fellow traveler sees me watching a video clip on Leninism...

Him: You're a Communist? In this day and age? That's rare. Where are you from?

Me: India

Nations, Borders, Religions, Governments come and go. All that is permanent is the land and the people that are born, live and die upon it. This is a truth only those who have lost and will lose their land and lives to the landed truly understand.

The Burmese watched and applauded the killing of Rohingyas for almost a decade before the military finally turned on them and Suu Kyi. And that's when they realised they were wrong. Assam and the North East will be no different.

The problem with the Indian understanding of democracy is that they think they're voting for benefits for the next five years. Who you vote for today affects the next generation more. That's stark in India's choice of Modi because those who've just turned 18 have no job hopes

Economically, India has wasted an entire decade behind a Temple and making 20 pc of its population destitute. This is exactly why no one in thr world takes India seriously anymore in the development game. At best, it will just remain an exporter nuts, bolts, screws and pickle.

The problem with Nationalism is that you make the Nation superior to its Citizens. When any Government invokes Nationalism, it is asking the citizens to give up their due owed to them by the State.

Massive relief for Telecom Companies as Modi gives a four year moratorium on dues to companies. Meanwhile, your income taxes go up, your inflation goes up, your jobs disappear and your damn PF also is being taxed. With Govts like BJP, you feel the British were less cruel at times

Modi now offers India as a staging area for drone surveillance of Afghanistan and possible strikes too! Disastrous! This makes India a target for terrorists and, most ironically, the return of White Armies on Indian soil with Hindoo Nationalists rolling out the saffron carpet!

What the rest of the world calls Privatisation, India calls "Adanisation."

Communist Party of USA on the strategies of resistance in US and India

@SubhashiniAli @vijayprashad @cpimspeak

A warning to the BJP... These fields that the farmers till to feed India were also once Battlefields where mighty tyrants were brought down... Governments come and go... The farmers always remain.

India's problem is not that it has mass poverty; every country in the world has had that. India's problem is that it is convinced that mass poverty cannot be ended. Those born in captivity do not know there could be freedom.

Understand some deeper aspects of the Population control proposals... Who usually has more than two children? Mostly rural and mostly poor people. This bill is an attempt at gentrifying politics and adminstration so that only elites remain in rule. Next? Ending reservations.

What we need is not a Genie who grants us three wishes but rather the opposite - a more brutal, horrible Genie that destroys three of our greatest wishes and grants us the reality of disappointment.

-- Slavoj Zizek, In future Time.

Have you ever heard of the US Govt intervening to topple actual fascist dictators?

Hindutva: India's glory lies in it's past before Mughals came!

Liberals: India's glory lies in it's past before Modi came!

Communists: The past is gone. India's glory lies in it's future. Work today for the future you want tomorrow.

Poverty, slums, unemployment, and economic misery are simply tools that the State uses to ensure you keep your labour cost down for the business owners that own and control the state.

You know why you and your lot are dying?

Because you didn't care when the poor were being killed.

Because it was normal for Dalits to be killed.

Because Muslims being killed was a "correction of history".

Because you never valued their lives, yours won't be by someone else.

"Hey, man. WTF? The Mercedes I bought from you is acting weird! It keeps going faster or slower when I change the music volume"

Dealer: Are you a BJP and Modi supporter?

Man: Of course! How did you know?

Dealer: Because You were using the +,- on the gears to increase volume

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