Let's get something clear...

The exodus from Twitter is not because of Trolls. Those were easily handled. The problem was that Twitter was being paid by the Govt to turn a blind eye to the radicalisation of the Majority community.

The exodus is not in fear but in disgust.

@Dasbolshevik I am disgusted at some data adulteration visibility, shadowban, accounts terminated. It used to be more equal/ sequence etc.

@Dasbolshevik Criteria are a bit mistery and magic, applied at random...
my personal experience

@Reeba @Dasbolshevik a public meeting is not a proof, Zuckerberg has met many heads of states; shareholders might influence.

@Dasbolshevik The flash point was suspension of Sanjay Hegde's handle.

@Dasbolshevik Trolls are bound to reach here as well. That's inevitable, but toxicity isn't why we switched here. Technology can't fix failings in human nature.

@Dasbolshevik Also this place is not flooded with trolls yet so it's easy to deal with them.


Indeed. The 'control' is so detrimental and non transparent and non-consistent. Indeed disgusting.

@Dasbolshevik नही भई fear भी है😂😂भक्त और सरकार हमारे सोशल नेटवर्किंग मे जासूसी कर रही है😂😂😂पता नही हम जैसे आम आदमी क्या लिख दे मजाक मे🙄😱अगले दिन सीबीआई ईडी पीडी दरवाजे खटखटाने लगे😂😂निकल बाहर

@Dasbolshevik Twitter resorted to suspension. That is the main reason.

@Dasbolshevik Birdsite played an ugly compromising game with govt and spoilsport for anti-govt voices on top of that. You have grabbed the gist of our collective disgust Comrade.

@Dasbolshevik I had no clue things were so bad. Someone told me there is a new site called Mastodon and people are going there. I assumed there was tiff and people were moving. Never knew there was some sort of quid-pro-quo between Twitter and govt. I can't see what is trending in Indian twitter so this whole thing so difficult to comprehend. Is there somewhere I can read about this saga in detail?

@Dasbolshevik also, creating a true alternate platform to Twitter.

@Dasbolshevik Exactly! Trolls aren't the reason we came here. To begin with, I suspected twitter was lenient to RW handles bcuz commodifying hate is profitable, when they suspended innocous handles like that of Sanjay, Dalit & Adivasi leaders, I thought it was badly configured AI, when they refused to reinistate I thought it was a ill-informed or RW biased Indian techie team. But when I heard the MD was a ex-Network 18 man I felt twitter India had been compromised at the highest level.


Absolutely.....twitter is a total sick and tired of reading sychophants.

@Dasbolshevik the daily twitter trends page was one disgusting place to hangout.

@Pradeepa @Dasbolshevik The trends were always gamed or sold for money. What a pointless excercise looking at the trends to determine what was on the front page. I rather look at my time line to see what people I follow are talking about. I am so glad that game isn't present here.

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