What's needed is for the Muslim working class youth to get off their Bikes, Bollywood, and Blissful unawareness now and get strongly political.

Read, Study, Educate, Organise and Agitate.

Radicalize and Revolutionise.

The alternative is annihilation...

@Dasbolshevik too right. I’ve found that the same applies to the Christian youth too.

We can not afford to be oblivious and complacent any longer and we cannot depend on our institutions to amplify our voices either.

@Dasbolshevik the same applies for everyone imo (except bikes and bollywood maybe)


Lot of my friends are aware but still refuse to get political.

@Dasbolshevik agree totally. Just that it applies to all youngsters today. May be Asad Owaisi, Prof Vallabh, Shashi Tharoor can run some sessions to educate youth.

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