How Identity Politics works...

A: "We need to protest for higher wages!"

B:"Wait a minute, I'm Gay and oppressed. We have to fight for Gay rights first!"

C:"Bollocks! You're a white gay male. I'm a brown one so I'm more oppressed"

D:"FUCK U BOTH! I'm a lesbian sleeping with a black woman, im most oppressed"

A:"GUYS! This is about wages...please...focus"

B,C,D: "Oh my God, a straight white male is oppressing us with economic reductionism!"

@Dasbolshevik Identity politics is ultimately reactionary in that it serves the ruling class.

It has served to divvy up the working class into their little enclaves under the cover of "I feel the urgency of my oppresion more than you do."

Instead of realising what they have in common with each other: that they're breathing the same polluted air as everyone, that they're oppressed by their bosses/landlords etc.

It is radical liberalism that doesn't seek to change the fundamental structure

@Dasbolshevik sorry, this is one of the worst takes on identity politics i heard

@y0x3y @Dasbolshevik identity politics actually:

A: "We need to protest for higher wages!"
B: "Definitely! I make 80% of what you do, so that would benefit me proportionally more!"
A: "Why's that?"
B: "Systemic and historic oppression!"
C: "Here's some more detail! I only make 70% of what B does largely due to this!"
D: "And I only make 70% of THAT! due to oppression!"
A: "That's awful! Let's protest that much harder, and enact policies focused on justice for everyone!"
B,C,D "Hurrah! 🎉"

@amsomniac @y0x3y @Dasbolshevik

identity politics

noun, plural in form but singular or plural in construction

Definition of identity politics
: politics in which groups of people having a particular racial, religious, ethnic, social, or cultural identity tend to promote their own specific interests or concerns without regard to the interests or concerns of any larger political group

@estoricru @amsomniac @Dasbolshevik dont agree

identity politics is intersectional politics

taking into account your "particular racial, religious, ethnic, social or cultural identity" is important to understanding how power dynamics relates to your situation

if your politics isn't intersectional, it belongs in the trash

putting yourself above others is authoritarian af

@y0x3y @amsomniac @Dasbolshevik

Definitions can't really be opinions so I'm just gonna bow out right now.

@estoricru @amsomniac @Dasbolshevik look, i disagree with that

i wanna say that definitions are descriptive not prescriptive. your opinions is what makes a definition

but i respect your right to agree to disagree, so i wont tag you in any other comments about this thread

A fight for justice that doesn't include all justice, is a fight for slight modification of injustice.

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