@Neeneen That the current education standard is so good that there is no difference between the sweeper and Engineer and thereby have eliminated disparity in society.


@Vishsai @Dasbolshevik not sure if you're being sarcastic but isn't there dignity in labour etc and so any job is a good job as long as it pays, and so there's no facade of "status" in society, and so it's a good thing? Although this article was written as if engineers applying for these jobs were something of a shock. Which it shouldn't be.

@Neeneen Sarcastic Definetly. Didn't you see the ?

Agree with you. It wasn't about status in society but the point on how even a sweeper is highly educated. How this government by doing this is showing that it has removed the educational disparity.


@Vishsai Ugh if only it wasn't polluted by the ugly, hypocritical touch of the govt where even the supreme leader had to paint his life as a rags to riches story for PR purposes.


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