There is something amazing about a Muslim woman who declares herself a Communist in today's India. She has to fight...

- Conservative Muslims
- The Hindu Right Wing men and women
- Patriarchy as Hegemony
- Capitalism as an ideology and....

She has to fight for the rights of the oppressed in the streets!

Lal Salaam my Comrades. YOU make Communism worth dying for!

@Dasbolshevik i have a serious doubt, Brahminical supremacists have taken us right to the foot of 19th century now, arrogantly spitting on us.

So, what would it take communists/ revolutionaries, to even slightly dog whistle at Brahmins "stop or else"

Really asking, not satire.

Are the brahmins gods to even revolutionaries?


@divinetribal Dalit Bahujan Adivasi Communism is what will bring Revolution. Everyone else right now is just playing to the social democratic gallery.

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