Two CMs of the North East calling for the repeal of AFSPA is meaningless as long as they still consider themselves NDA partners. It is all noise and bombast

The real issue is not that Munnawar Faruqi was hounded and falsely arrested into abandoning his career. It is that the same treatment was not given to those celebs with a right wing disposition. It is thus the collective impotence of those who like to believe that they stand against fascism that is the unkindest cut.

If the Indian Right Wing are accused of making up historical facts on the go, and rightly so, the Liberal idiots can be accused of not even knowing that history existed before their individual political awakenings.


Big Breaking :

Big Big Setback for NIA.

Supreme Court rejects/dismissed NIA petition against Bail order of Sudha Bhardwaj.

will be released tomorrow as per conditions of bail.


When the lower castes and classes follow the Bajrang Dal's orders and demolish schools on the pretext of conversions, they fail to realise that they are demolishing institutions made to educate and uplift them... Not the Brahmin Baniyas.

Everyone is talking about repealing AFSPA now after the Indian Army, yet again, killed Naga citizens. I hope people remember the one person who actually got AFSPA removed from his state. Communist party of India, Marxist's, Manik Sarkar in Tripura.

The next big battle is now the Labour Codes to be passed by the BJP. Easy hire and fire, no minimum wage and deeming unions illegal are all included. The peasantry rose and fought. Will the proletariat?

It’s time for Modi to realise that authoritarian governance will not work in India – and never has

Looks like the BJP hasn't had enough of getting it's teeth kicked in by the farmers

First the NIA breaks the law by not filing a chargesheet in time, then the BJP designates the wrong court to extend her detention unlawfully, and now the agency says that releasing her because of its own cockup is illegal. Which self respecting judge will even hear this nonsense I wonder.

Anti-Terror Agency Opposes Activist Sudha Bharadwaj's Bail

This means that the Diwali festival based, expected boom did not happen. Which then makes one question what the previous 20% number was based on. Was it just stocks and non-productive revenue?

GDP Grows By 8.4% In July-September Against 20.1% In Previous Quarter

Watch "Daily Round-up|Xiomara Castro set for historic win in Honduras presidential election & other stories" on YouTube

Watch "Slavoj Zizek: Why I oppose Historicism and Remain a Philosopher" on YouTube

Those who drive themselves to suicide and depression because they deem themselves a failure, have you ever considered that it is not you who has failed but the Political Economic system that has failed you?

Kerala, India's only communist state, has the lowest incidence of poverty at 0.7 per cent. I guess that's the Communism that everyone loves to hate so much.


His only mistake is, he is a Muslim. A great comic artist is made to suffer because of the hatred by the system!

Now,Who is going to stand with him?

"I'm done, goodbye...": Comic Munawar Faruqui after 12 shows cancelled in 2 months. Read here



The "Om" in the OMicron is hurting our religious sentiments. WHO should stop defaming our religion.


In Ward 19, Agartala Municipality:
BJP: 1026
CPM: 936
TMC: 528.

In spite of large scale rigging.

If you still don’t know who is trying to weaken Opposition forces in Tripura, Punjab or Goa you don’t know.

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