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Shah and Doval have miscalculated by arresting Disha Ravi and not just because of the mode of arrest which is flawed procedure. They are now going after a class and caste group they weren't supposed to....The judges will be mindful of this adventurism and cultural Haraam by the village-mentality types of the Government and BJP. They know Shah knows no better than Lowborn thuggery. They know the outrage on this can snowball into another international incident even.

And finally when they came for the English-speaking, vegan, animal-loving, Netflix watching, clubbing on weekends, apolitical-otherwise Class, they found that there was no one left to support them because they were silent when they first came for the Communists.

there's also a mount that is a cute bench carried by a giant moogle

it fits two people who can sit next to each other on this floating bench it's very cute

#FFXIV #DateIdeas

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This is supposed to be funny. You know how lack of resources like fire-wood during winter is, poverty in general is funny? Hahaha!


Lets buy a Judge.

Why should Arnab have all the fun?


The only true measure of a secular party or politician today is whether he will sacrifice his own life in defense of the minority Muslims, Christians and Dalits. In that sense, it is mostly the Communist Parties that have delivered on their promise - sometimes with their lives.

The problem is not that Indians dont want development but that the large mass of Indians don't know and can't even visualise what development is. They have only known temples, potholed roads, their kids dying before their tenth birthday and a Govt that's a continuation of the Raj

World: You're hungry? Here's half of my bread.

Indians: You're Hungry? What Caste are you? It's your destiny bro....

There is no way that America can flush it's system of Right Wingers. When under threat of extinction the RW just hides under the guise of Liberals without too much compromise in their views, just silence about it in public.

If you screw-up, you lose your job. If the Capitalist screws up, it's still you who loses the job.... Better that we the Proletariat then take ownership of our own fate.

Communism will give you the knife but it is upto you to cut the Janeu...

Remember the greatest success of the Farmers Agitation is that everyday someone new asks the question, "...but why is Modi and BJP so pro-Adani and Ambani?"

"Post-truth is pre-fascism, and Trump has been our post-truth president. When we give up on truth, we concede power to those with the wealth and charisma to create spectacle in its place."

Government says Protestors will defame India internationally. I take it Government has not heard of the Oscar winning movie about life in India called Slumdog Millionaire...

When the poor settle on the land of the Rich, it's called encroachment. When the Rich take the land of the poor, it's called "Ease of doing business."

Bangladesh's Economic success at overtaking India must be seen as something very dangerous by Delhi... For the only difference between West Bengal and Bangladesh, in essence, is that Bangladesh is not a Colony of Delhi where half it's wealth is sucked away to feed the overfed.

Two generations ago...Your family owned acres.

One generation ago... Your family owned apartments.

Your generation... Will probably live on rent or inherited housing forever.

Yet.. you want to believe that Capitalism works and that you "just have to work hard enough?" 🤣

Courts in India...

Judge: Why have you arrested this person
Cops: Sedition.
Judge: Any evidence?
Cops: Not yet but we strongly believe....
Judge: Ok, keep him in jail for 90 days till you find something.

India doesn't want Canada to ask about its Internal problems after raising Hong Kong and Xinjian at the UN? Tch tch... That's a double edged sword. Now bleed while doing a head bobble.

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