I made a list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts I'd never heard of before because... dang! look at these!

@DavidBlue I had no idea there was *any* way to view your typed password in the sign-in screen o_O

@kazooboy and I had no idea there was a fucking emoji window built into the OS lmao!

@DavidBlue That's probably the only one I actually knew about, which is proof that overuse emojis 🤣

@DavidBlue Meanwhile, I'm trying to imagine some engineer in a lonely office on Microsoft's campus, operating Windows entirely from their keyboard with deft precision, while simultaneously agonizing that no one will ever use all the keyboard shortcuts they've invented.

@kazooboy it's a browser extension with a cult usership designed to replace any mouse use on the web, basically. github.com/lusakasa/saka-key

@kazooboy I got really into it in 2016 and like... printed out a bunch of shortcut tables. ultimately a little *too* deep into optimization culture for me lol

@DavidBlue Ahh that is cool! I have been trying to learn a little keyboard navigation on some websites but it's not always obvious. And most of the time I'm too lazy in general to properly learn keyboard shortcuts anyway 😅


@kazooboy well on THAT conversation, I have far too much to say lol. I've tried a bunch of different ways of getting myself to learn them but the best was this - overlaying a table on my background image.

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@kazooboy I also literally just added a public index of keyboard shorcuts to my Notion which I will be updating, I'm sure, if you're interested. davidblue.wtf/keys

@DavidBlue I probably need to make one of these for myself for Gmail and Outlook 🤔

@DavidBlue You know, if you could find some shortcuts for navigating Gmail, that would be awesome! I was actually looking for them the other day, but Google's documentation wasn't helpful :(

@DavidBlue Ahhh nice! Took me a bit to discover that you have to enable them in settings first, but that is coool! Like how the navigation is K/L keys, makes time spent learning vim worth it :D

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