okay, :
if you could pick one and only one, which would you rather YOUR current wireless carrier prioritize?

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this poll’s equivalent twitter poll is skewed in exactly the opposite direction lol. (Twitter users confirmed insane.)

@DavidBlue I’m perfectly happy with the speed and reliability of my current carrier—honestly, I’m not sure I’d even notice an improvement in either. But their coverage outside of big cities is dodgy, never mind what their maps show.

@morganth well thanks for responding! I guess I should’ve elaborated on the context I wanted that prompt to come from… regarding the absurdity of the hype around “5G” currently. it just seems like such a blatant folly in priorities given that we’re all at home rn + general state of the digital divide. such a gluttonous idea to emphasize faster cell network speeds imo… idk.

I wonder if/when carriers are actually going to be held accountable for those maps’ accuracy in our lifetime.

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