given that the official Mastodon app is coming next year(?,) I’m going to FINALLY work on that iOS Mastodon Clients guide I’ve been meaning to write for the past four years.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts y’all have to share about specific apps (or about mobile social clients, in general.)

this also means that you may want to mute this account (unless maybe I should create another one JUST to test apps?)

just realized my lack of access to an iPad is going to leave a big blindspot so I’d PARTICULARLY love to hear from anyone using one of these apps on their iPad.

okay folks I am ACTUALLY serious about the most grueling part of this test... it's fucking notification test time.

I just took the time to disable notifications for everything else (excluding like... email and phone,) logged into this account from all of the apps... and enabled all notification ooptions on all of them.


(what I'm saying: any extra engagement you might have to offer over the next day or so will not only help me finish this guide... it will also almost certainly create complete and total Cellular Notification Chaos ENTIRELY AT YOUR WHIM.)

very much appreciated friends!!! I guess i’ve actually pretty much comprehensively tested notifications in this single image, no? is there anything specific within any app you’d like me to test?

look at how fucking gorgeous/creative @tootapp’s Share Sheet integration is tho…

@tootapp includes some very charming custom audio notifications.

It just occured to me that they're more than just cute: these notifications going off on my phone have prompted more first time conversations about Mastodon in the wild than I can count.

so many, in fact, that I think they should be considered an essential onboarding feature lol

variations of "what the hell was that?" lol

it also prompts a broader conversation about why the fuck don't more iOS apps include custom notifications?? seriously...

well now I can’t remember if my first app was Amaroq or Tootle… or both, for that matter. I was utterly astounded to find the latter not just still around but - from what I’ve seen this far, anyway - feeling solid as hell.

I tried to create a “theme” again (it’s not shareable and the app won’t let you actually type the hex into the picker so…)

well… I realized why Roma looks so familiar… this is just Mast lmao……..

just in case you happened to be desperately looking…

here are all the Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts I could find in @imast_ios. :)

I really wanted to *at least* get this done before the end of the World Wide Direct Current Week, but I’m still messing around with it/debating on whether or not I should try to get developers on the horn for some brief recorded interviews.

idk maybe I've said it too much...

but I just want to pause for a second to tell you developers behind these dozen and a few apps:

you are all absolutely incredible. thoughtful. creative.

i s2g one day I will shout loud enough to get you recognized for the little bits of yourselves you've put into these experiences or I die trying.

"Even the roughest of these considered apps seem unable to be faceless - sorting through the obscene amount of (unlabeled) screenshots accumulated over the past weeks of testing in my Recents folder has been *so* much easier than I thought it would be because of their relentless originality."

I have been using iOS for the whole time!!!

and I have never seen anything like it. seriously.

wow.. yeah. clearly, I was/am not done saying it over and over again lol.

@DavidBlue here's me engaging with my own post from another server lol.

@DavidBlue tbh, it could just be a progressive web client. I think you could test all the more obscure things like bookmarks, lists, and how well you can change back and forth between 2 different threads without losing you position.

@Linux_in_a_Bit this darn video.... I can't tell you how many times I've come across it in my year of iOS lol. they even played a clip of it in The Social Dilemma.

@DavidBlue They did? I think the place I've seen it the most is discord server notifications config: "Its best to turn this off if its a big server or else this might happen" (this was linked to the video).

@Linux_in_a_Bit yeah... I mean it could be legitimate? but I'm also positive it is not something you would be able to accidentally walk into, if that makes sense. current iOS would DEFINTELY be putting interrupts in there.

@DavidBlue oh just seeing this post now from april. did you write this guild yet?

@DavidBlue there’s a few I see you haven’t mentioned. Here’s my folder of fediverse iOS apps I am trying

@liaizon YES!!!!!! thank you so much!! replies like this are what I dream about lol. glad to see you're trying WriteFreely. I am also working on a (quite absurd) WriteFreely TOTAL iPHONE PUBLISHING guide lol.

@liaizon I've got it, just wondering. I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the testflight link for Tusker would you? I haven't found it yet.

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