given that the official Mastodon app is coming next year(?,) I’m going to FINALLY work on that iOS Mastodon Clients guide I’ve been meaning to write for the past four years.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts y’all have to share about specific apps (or about mobile social clients, in general.)

okay folks I am ACTUALLY serious about the most grueling part of this test... it's fucking notification test time.

I just took the time to disable notifications for everything else (excluding like... email and phone,) logged into this account from all of the apps... and enabled all notification ooptions on all of them.


(what I'm saying: any extra engagement you might have to offer over the next day or so will not only help me finish this guide... it will also almost certainly create complete and total Cellular Notification Chaos ENTIRELY AT YOUR WHIM.)


very much appreciated friends!!! I guess i’ve actually pretty much comprehensively tested notifications in this single image, no? is there anything specific within any app you’d like me to test?

look at how fucking gorgeous/creative @tootapp’s Share Sheet integration is tho…

@DavidBlue tbh, it could just be a progressive web client. I think you could test all the more obscure things like bookmarks, lists, and how well you can change back and forth between 2 different threads without losing you position.

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