@vital876 @Simplicity_teal next time, you might want to try Text Replacement. I turned off autocorrection and autosuggestions entirely like two weeks after that gosh darned button menu came out lol. my list of declared terms ain’t long, but it *is* fucking useful. here's a shortcut I've made that opens that menu real quick. icloud.com/shortcuts/e6d56b3fe

@vital876 @Simplicity_teal Apple’s documentation would have you believe that this feature performs only one of the respective two functions represented by the entires in this screenshot.

setting the same value for `Phrase`and `Shortcut` basically achieves the same thing as “Learn Spelling.”


@vital876 @Simplicity_teal lmao this video is the perfect demonstration of what this looks like! and the perfect demonstration of me crashing Panda!

so, this is why I was so confused when I found out about TextExpander, which is basically a professional, almost social implementation of the same thing. the difference? It’s cross-platform!! So this literally happens on Windows for me now! and with a very cute sound.

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