I can’t believe I am actually posting the URL to the currently most popular free iOS app on the App Store but… I think this is the only *truly* clever and appealing usecase for widgets as a general idea that I have ever seen.

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@DavidBlue i first thought "wow, how such a privacy peaking app would become so popular?!". then i notice it's probably not offering live views but rather photos you personally take with the app... reality always look better in my head! 🤣

as for good widgets usecase, weather.

termux shortcuts are, indeed, a dirty work around, which would better be regular shortcuts.

@gudenau @DavidBlue There are definitely things like it, and your phone might even include a gallery widget by default :)

@Linux_in_a_Bit @DavidBlue I mean, the point of that is to share pictures with your friends/family. A gallery widget won't do that and this being limited to iOS defeats its own point.

@DavidBlue Turns out it wants a phone number for this, I am very confused. Uninstalled immediately.

@Gargron from what I understand, it’s like.. an actual service with the end goal being a photo of a partner/close family or friend that *they keep updated?*

the idea of a digital locket is a great one and I think the bit of the metaphor where *the photo in the locket stays the same unless *you* pull it out and change it* should definitely not be discarded. could be totally off-base, but I suspect most folks reacted like you did (me too,) which is a particular shame.

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