Somebody once told me
There's a statue in the Gobi
That's mostly gone from over the knees
Visage lying in the sand
With a sneer of cold command
Cuz the sculptor knew how to please

Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming
Empires falling and statues crumbling
Check out the words he left behind
On the statue in the desert that nobody can find: THEY'RE PUTTING TOOTS IN THE TIMELINE... THAT TURN THE FREAKING HETS GAY

Today’s my birthday, have some male-presenting nipples 

I’m 27! yall =)

And a trailer, look (I made English subtitles but I'm not sure the client knows how to activate them):

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And I got paid. It's also on Google Play:

Don't expect it to come out for iOS, nobody in Argentina uses that stuff.

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Hey I finally finished a game me and some friends were making, based on an indie sci fi film from Argentina. Time travel, platforming, gay romance, slight Marxism, it's got everything. It's really just a small puzzle platformer, but it looks and sounds really pretty and I had fun making it.

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