Hi guys! Need help to test a new feature. Found a colorpicker plugin, but maybe only works on win. Somebody with Mac/Linux can test it? Just click on some color in the left side. A window with color options pop-up?

Try it >

@DavitMasia You might have a problem with Linux users for a project like this. This is what you're competing against and there are a lot more than these that are are also %100 free and open source. These are just what I use. Not many of us are fans of web-based applications either when we can just run "sudo apt install [program]" in a terminal and done. I do like your color groupings, but was that manual or automatic?

@TheOuterLinux The groups are default that picks colors from random palettes or imported.

Still not clear what to do with the app, so will see how evolves.

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