Possible the best retro/gaming bookmark πŸ˜†

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Wow 200 Favs! and near 150 Boost.... πŸ˜† I think this gonna be my best FAV/Boost toot in years

I'm doing a template of that in pixelart so everybody will be able to print and use it with some paperboard or whatever ;)

I could not resist so i made it πŸ€“. Feel free to use / share !!! ;)

To be used as the bookmark, in games or whatever. CC0 license = For personal/comercial projects, no credit needed.


@DavitMasia That is indeed a very good idea for a bookmark!

@DavitMasia Where can I get one? My boyfriend absolutely needs one of these, even if he doesn't know it yet!

@fearlessknits @DavitMasia I, too, would like to know where to get this - although my story is my husband already knows about it (showed him over breakfast as a "Hey, lookit this funny thing!") and we both think it's brilliant.

@DavitMasia Looks like something from Secret of Mana or another JRPG from "the past" :p

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