@DavitMasia I don't know, I find this format to be backwards. I mean I remember what year it is (only time travellers wouldn't!) and same with the month. It is the day I might forget. Having to adopt yyyy-mm-dd just because Americans apparently forget the month more than the day (what's the deal with their mm-dd-yyyy otherwise?) is just unfair to say the least. So why use yyyy etc, except to be sure of being understood by American-made computers?

@lmintmate @DavitMasia

To have the date order match the "alphabetical" one ?

@Nocta @DavitMasia (Sorry for not replying earlier, it was night in my timezone) What do you mean "alphabetical" date order? Maybe what this guy said (cybre.space/@rick_777/10062481), that sorting alphabetically also sorts by date? If so, I still don't see the point since I can always sort by last modified date.

@DavitMasia Used to program Java, ugly brutal language that. Those years I spent a lot of time on google and one typical search was `Java Date`, every time I hit enter I shuddered at the thought that *this time*, there will be some website trying to hook me up with the Java developer of my dreams.

@DavitMasia this is the most controversial too I've seen in my day of being on the site.

Who forgets what year it? Day, moth then year make most sense.

If you format your filenames with YYYY-MM-DD, sorting alphabetically also sorts them by date.

Most significant digit first.


@sproid @DavitMasia ask me again in the first two weeks of January…

But think about reading the date of a random event: if the first information is the year, you start to have an idea of how far ago it happened (or how close it will be in the future), and then if you need it you can read on to get more precision with the month and day.

I see that more of a marketing /promotion ways to exalt an event, to make it clear and maybe avoid confusion. But on every other occasion just casually it's not that relevant to have the year first.

@DavitMasia I like the lack of ambiguity in DD-MMM-YYYY but it does have some English imperialism built in.

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