@DavitMasia Each time I did that, my phone felt. Since these days, I stopped do did it.

@DavitMasia pfft that'd never stand up to a stress test!

It has to be permanently drilled into the wall inside a watertight bomb-proof safe. 👍

@DavitMasia this right there is why wireless charging is lame. :blobuwu:

@DavitMasia and people wonder why their cords don’t last as long anymore🤔

@DavitMasia Rockaby android / attached to a plug / toot "I miss birb site" / and masto will shrug

@DavitMasia My electrical engineer wife's immediate reaction to this was, "That's amazing!" 👏🏻

@DavitMasia I would be very pleased with myself if I'd done that.

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