Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

@tuturto @DavitMasia dang it I commented the same thing, thought I was being slick heh

@DavitMasia which generation is that supposed to be? the pre-floppy one that doesn't know physical memory gets erased by magnets? I believe they're all dead now.

@anarchiv @DavitMasia Yeah, sonny, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. That plastic punch card will be just fine.

@DavitMasia Somebody has left all their magnetic poetry in the still in the blocks it came in and hasn't even bothers to separate the words....

@DavitMasia jaja all my code .basic stored at those :crazy: then I remember when a friend introduce me a 256mb USB 🤓

I remember using 128MiB flash drive of my father for submitting a homework. It was big (in physical size) and had a read/write toggle on it.
@castrillo @DavitMasia

@Meeper @DavitMasia I like to hold mine and do funny thing with hand at 3am sometimes yeah, nothing wrong here, it's not demagnetizing that much with a constant field despite what the package says.

Now laying them on a transformer, rubbing it on a magnet or laying them out in the baking hot sun to dry, F.

Now here's something that newer gen hipsters, like me, def. don't get.

@DavitMasia jokes aside, I used to take floppies apart and replace the disk with a mini-cdrw. It made for a nice casing.

@DavitMasia In the early days, backup copies were made using Xerox machines. No kidding! Another thing I've seen: those 5.25" punched and filed. To a backup "folder" of course…

@IzzyOnDroid @DavitMasia No kidding, too: Even in the early days only few knew that it was Xerox who created Ethernet and first MAC addresses.Today nobody remembers. Or think about printers only.

@DavitMasia The save icon is upside-down, so all your files are going to fall out.

@DavitMasia what's wrong with that? (he says to appear younger than he is).

@DavitMasia "Do not erase" and the write-protect tab not open, or even broken? I think that user deserved what's coming.

@DavitMasia Hahaha, the library I worked at had security gates that used to wreck those.

@DavitMasia "Hey why do you have a 3d printed save icon" heh

@DavitMasia 😭 I was laughing so hard about it! I showed it to my girl and she said: "what about it?" – it made my day!

@DavitMasia I’m just terrified, at one time I was afraid of storing floppy disks (5.25) together, but here it’s a magnet!

I physically flinched when I saw that. Before I read the label too.

@wzqtparor @DavitMasia spiro agnew.. It was always the question with spiro Agnew...

@DavitMasia explanation by someone I showed this: "of course I get it, there's an eraser right next to the text 'do not erase'." He had no idea how floppy disks work, though.

@DavitMasia Curiosity and floppy disks, how magnetic. Curious how all my data is gone though.

@DavitMasia what's supposed to be wrong with this? it's not as if the magnet is over the data tracks, this disk will probably be just fine

not OC 

@DavitMasia this is the nerd equivalent of a condom pinned to the wall with a "be safe" note

@DavitMasia Clearly that is just a piece of plastic taped to the diskette, and the disk is also held to the refrigerator with double sided tape for security.

Nothing to see here, move along. :linus:

@matt @DavitMasia that was literally how I've interpreted the picture first cause I did not even see that it was a refrigerator and thought it was just a wall
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