Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

@tuturto @DavitMasia dang it I commented the same thing, thought I was being slick heh

@DavitMasia which generation is that supposed to be? the pre-floppy one that doesn't know physical memory gets erased by magnets? I believe they're all dead now.

@anarchiv @DavitMasia Yeah, sonny, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. That plastic punch card will be just fine.

@BalooUriza @DavitMasia
why though, it's not like this is exclusive to floppies

anyway, sorry for ruining a perfectly okay post...

@DavitMasia Somebody has left all their magnetic poetry in the still in the blocks it came in and hasn't even bothers to separate the words....

@DavitMasia jaja all my code .basic stored at those :crazy: then I remember when a friend introduce me a 256mb USB 🤓

I remember using 128MiB flash drive of my father for submitting a homework. It was big (in physical size) and had a read/write toggle on it.
@castrillo @DavitMasia

@Meeper @DavitMasia I like to hold mine and do funny thing with hand at 3am sometimes yeah, nothing wrong here, it's not demagnetizing that much with a constant field despite what the package says.

Now laying them on a transformer, rubbing it on a magnet or laying them out in the baking hot sun to dry, F.

Now here's something that newer gen hipsters, like me, def. don't get. the clue is that you didn't degauss your screwdriver and got a fire mixtape as a test loaded

@DavitMasia jokes aside, I used to take floppies apart and replace the disk with a mini-cdrw. It made for a nice casing.

@DavitMasia In the early days, backup copies were made using Xerox machines. No kidding! Another thing I've seen: those 5.25" punched and filed. To a backup "folder" of course…

@IzzyOnDroid @DavitMasia No kidding, too: Even in the early days only few knew that it was Xerox who created Ethernet and first MAC addresses.Today nobody remembers. Or think about printers only.

@DavitMasia The save icon is upside-down, so all your files are going to fall out.

@DavitMasia what's wrong with that? (he says to appear younger than he is).

@DavitMasia "Do not erase" and the write-protect tab not open, or even broken? I think that user deserved what's coming.

@DavitMasia Hahaha, the library I worked at had security gates that used to wreck those.

@DavitMasia "Hey why do you have a 3d printed save icon" heh

@DavitMasia 😭 I was laughing so hard about it! I showed it to my girl and she said: "what about it?" – it made my day!

@DavitMasia I’m just terrified, at one time I was afraid of storing floppy disks (5.25) together, but here it’s a magnet!

I physically flinched when I saw that. Before I read the label too.

@wzqtparor @DavitMasia spiro agnew.. It was always the question with spiro Agnew...

@DavitMasia explanation by someone I showed this: "of course I get it, there's an eraser right next to the text 'do not erase'." He had no idea how floppy disks work, though.

@DavitMasia Curiosity and floppy disks, how magnetic. Curious how all my data is gone though.

@DavitMasia what's supposed to be wrong with this? it's not as if the magnet is over the data tracks, this disk will probably be just fine

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