Girl, oldman & dog + extra colors for readability.

Fence, Chest, Slime, Diamond, Sword and landmark to fit better with chars proportions.

Also using an edited version or Arne (AndroidArts
) pine tree with permission.

added skeleton and a dog in the right. less saturation/contrast to terrain, yellow key more small and better trees.

Added some enemies, chest, key with bright colors to be more readable. Also another tile more darkness for the fog of war.

Added ditance blur FX with some pixel fog of war stripe tiles. I guess may work better with two stripe tiles deep instead one.

Also thanks to LootBndt for their inspiration ;)

Changed the dithering patterns +FX

Still not what i had in mind but better

Trying 1bit tiles, without color palette restriction (But have in mind 16-24-32 colors max) and focusing on real aesthetics (colors, proportions..) as much as possible.

In my mind was great but after a fast try not sure XD . guess with some FX can improve.

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