@Scottrick change strawberry by tomato XD, due people is saying that one was strawberry, i set them as that and did in top right the tomato :P

@nino was to mean tomatoes instead strawberries, but due all people is saying strawberries yes, now are strawberries, i will do tomatoes in other way XD

Girl, oldman & dog + extra colors for readability.

Fence, Chest, Slime, Diamond, Sword and landmark to fit better with chars proportions.

Also using an edited version or Arne (AndroidArts
) pine tree with permission.

@lord Nope, is the pixelated fog of war, the tiles with black stripes that gives that effect ;)

@heroicsoftware rounded? if you mean the map , nothing, i guess is a efect make by the fog of war, the two tiles like looks disappearing and how their are placed

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