I hate job hunting so much. I hate it so much more than actually having a job. Having a job makes sense. Sure I'm being systematically exploited but at the core of it, it still makes sense. I go to a place and I complete tasks and I am paid to do so. That makes sense to me.


Job hunting does not make sense to me. Job hunting is the process of putting on a show to demonstrate how good you are at doing something which a hidden judge may not even care about. Job hunting is like putting on a talent show in a panopticon. The only thing you know is that somewhere there is someone with complete control over if you fail or succeed, and they might not even be watching. It's stressful and arbitrary and cruel by design, and I hate it more than any other task alive.

@DayGloChainsaw I'd say it's even worse than that -- job hunting itself is a test of resume-formatting skill and charisma in interviews. Useful skills for a secretary and a salesperson, respectively -- but being able to "sell yourself" isn't going to help you drive a forklift or program a computer better. Yet they still use resumes and interviews instead of hiring based on actual ability.

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