My litmus test for how cool other people are is throwing them into the conversational deep end and seeing if they can swim. I just start talking about like, bizzare media interpretations of Neil Cicierega or the Chernobyl fungi that feeds of radiation. Anyone who can not only recover but match pace has turned out to be a truly sterling individual, without fail.

There really is something to being direct imo. If you keep watering down your interests, trying to make yourself more accessible to a larger group of people, you're never gonna find the few that you really vibe with. That's my take on it anyway. You gotta get right in there and show what's what.

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Related opinion: this is also why I think it's so laughable when I see people say they hate smalltalk and they want to talk about how we're all space dust or whatever. Hell, I don't even hate smalltalk. I don't employ it, but that doesn't mean I hate it. It has a function. Smalltalk is good for when you need to avoid offense and kill time. Sometimes that's all you need or want to do.

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But also like "hating smalltalk" is usually just a sign that someone's trying to prove that They're Deep™ and they Think About Deep And Important Things™. You know what'll fall flat pretty quick? Talking vaugely about the wonder of the universe and quote in Carl Sagan and then running out of things to say. You know what will sustain? Actually having interests which you are knowledgable and passionate about, and then finding Universal Awe™ or whatever through your love of those things.

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Anyway this little thread has been brought to you by my opinions about conversation.

honestly all of this probably could have been summed up by just saying "I think people should talk about things they care about instead of what they think Accessable Conversation Topics™ might be."

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