🎉Unser erstes Buch ist im Druck: »Medien in der Klima-Krise« lässt dich die deutsche Medienlandschaft mit anderen Augen sehen.

Mit dabei: Michael E. Mann, Sara Schurmann, Maren Urner, Özden Terli, Annika Joeres uva.


New Here! Hello, nice to meet you all!! Looking forward to the new (to me) social experience. Mastodon sounds like something more akin to what I like. So, I'll be giving it a go. Hoping to meet some wonderful people, and make new friends. Anyone play Poke? 😅 Here I go, jumping off into the great yonder!

New version of Mastodon for iOS is waiting for Apple review right now. It does *not* contain iPad support, which is not ready as I mentioned earlier, but we're bringing out multi-account support, loading character limits &co from the server and other small improvements.


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