rip in peace notch, died when his rotten candy wall collapsed on him

hanging out with doink the clown at golden corral

gender was invented in 1938 by german publicist erwin gender to sell pink and blue food coloring
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yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire? illegal. against the first amendment. bad. setting a row of seats ablaze and then yelling "fire" in the same theater? legal. fine. you're just telling the truth at that point.

I can't believe Eggman fell off a blimp and died

I can't believe the new Sonic movie is just 90 minutes of hardcore pornography

this is a real wesker ass idea imo. just wesker in his underground lab, sunglasses on, yelling about how the fedora is a tool of stealth

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"House Hunters" is literally about hunting and slaughtering houses. They track houses for hundreds of miles across the prairie. One house can feed a village for weeks. No part of the house is wasted.

if I just.. don't log in to my deactivated bird account for a month... I'll be free

forget guillotines, my new proposal is that we feed all the capitalists into a wood chipper feet first

The US was founded on genocide, slavery, & capitalism. It is fascist to the core, with each new wave of settlers, colonists & exploiters picking up the gun, the whip, & the swastika, making a literal and figurative killing off the backs of the poor & indigenous here & abroad, & then spending the rest of their lives attempting to airbrush their own legacy & that of capitalism by building libraries in Oakland, schools in Africa, supporting open source conferences.

Trump is America's true face.

"The problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together." -MLK

As an indigenous POC, teacher & social worker who worked with poor, homeless, & immigrant children, making enough to live with my family in an old SUV surviving on ramen and spam nightly, while US military officers live here in 5 bedroom estates, and Zuckerberg, Bezos carve our island up into empty condos to store blood-covered billions, making more homeless -- I have to agree.

Hiding out here because the bird site is being the bird site. One day I will learn my lesson

“working class is fash" factoid actualy just factual error. working class is natural base of socialism. Fascisms Georg, who lives in madrona & flies to over 10,000 fascist rallies each year, is petty bourgeois adn should not have been counted

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