Discord Is Not An Acceptable Choice For Free Software Projects

It’s simple: free software projects should not use Discord. (This goes equally for any sort of public interest group.) Here’s why.

@Decentralize_today ca c’est encore un discours de mec qui ne reçoivent pas une marée de dick picks non demandées.

@Decentralize_today Thank you so much for that link! 👍 I stopped using Discord years ago when I was banned for no reason and they wanted my phone number to recover my account.Maybe this account still exists as I couldn't delete it without giving them my number 🤢 Since then I read much about their data collection and told everyone to stop using this piece of shit.This article will make the explanations much easier for me as there is so much information about what they do and why this is bad 😍 For the Discord replacements I would like to add RocketChat which is similar to Mattermost but supports federation and Matrix,which is a decentralized Messenger for groups and for private chats which supports end to end encryption and 1to1/group calls so it can replace Mumble,too.

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