@freddy Been a Treema fan for years, but not being fully open source (parts always been) was always a little letdown. Glad they going full!

@Seferi they charge $4 or so, what is on shop.threema.ch via bitcoin, so no f-droid but an official client without Google

@Seferi @Decentralize_today To me this article kind of only reads as "open source" but not as "free/libre software". So in addition to the fact that Threema is a paid app that was already mentioned, this might also be a trouble for inclusion in F-Droid.

It's only the client tho. This isn't enough for my personal taste.

@shellowl the encryption part was always open source. However the Swiss government kinda has new rules what could give threema some trouble. I will make a write up on that soon

To be clear, the front-end only goes open source. The back-end is still proprietary.

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