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@Decentralize_today As I think, in order to defeat Google and by the same to completely abandon it is possible for about 90% foss did a great job to provide software and excellent software they worked 100%, but there is another problem, it lies in the hardware, what do I mean? I mean there is no way to replace google drive with unlimited without huge financial costs.
@Decentralize_today @Gamercat Google drive? Is it even essential? People used to live without it for quite a long time. Personally I have it (and a few other "drives") but almost never use it.

Their search monopoly is real - this is hard to break. Also mobile market.

I use nextcloud self hosted and never used Google drive.. so no idea lol

@Decentralize_today @shuro @Gamercat I have Google Drive and a bunch of other proprietary "drives" and I don't use them. I have self-hosted Nextcloud and use it very lightly (basically for notes and such). Also I know a lot of lesser commercial services one can buy online storage from (like Hetzner managed Nextcloud hosting).

I doubt many people really need cloud storage services as much as it is advertised :)
@Gamercat @Decentralize_today google drive is bullshit tbh, the same is yandex disk, mega, dropbox...

Everything that doesn't give direct access to the files is a total failure.

I only see one usage for them: big files, if it's not private data of course.
@a1batross @Decentralize_today @Gamercat Yes, beats me why almost none of them have WebDAV or something.

At least for paid users.

I probably wouldn't mind paying Google One price for the storage they offer if it could be accessed more or less directly.
@shuro @Gamercat @Decentralize_today yandex has free webdav but they're limiting it. Because people started it for backups lol.
@a1batross @Decentralize_today @shuro @Gamercat Well... this is the point of having cloud storage :)

I remember launching their 1TB "drive" and they said unlimited usage but after a couple of weeks disabled WebDAV and something else (I don't remember what) because "people were abusing unlimited usage" :D
@protonmail @Decentralize_today Mass storage device for me. I'll try proton drive when it's released though.
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