New Features Coming to Signal Groups

Whether it’s staying in touch with family and friends, planning a party, scheduling an event, getting work done, or organizing for change, group chats are an increasingly important part of . Today we’re releasing a new version of Signal groups that gives you a richer private group experienc...

@Decentralize_today Daily reminder that Signal is shit and shouldn't be used.Use decentralized messengers like Matrix or Jabber or the decentralized Signal fork Session instead.

Agreed with Matrix. Yet signal is easy to use and easy to convince people to use. Session works sometimes sometimes not... Reported this as many use it and it's not the worst of the options out there.

@Decentralize_today It is one of the worst options,I would trust it as much as Whatsapp,a bit less than Telegram.But I never had problems with Session.I only used it for testing some time ago but it was reliable.What exactly doesn't work for you?

Tried it with many people they not getting messages.. Also make some research on the developer.. I didn't verify all yet.. I will write about them once its all verified.. Signal is open source why wouldn't you trust it? The encryption part what matters most is solid..

A bit less or more then telegram? Telegram is plain text messaging except secure messages and that an not verified encryption

@Decentralize_today Telegram is not hosted at Google,not in the United States and not impacted by NSA surveillance so I would trust Telegram a little bit more.But in the end all centralized services are shit.

@nipos signal is not hosted on Google and works without Google Cloud service.. having it on GraphaneOS.. I not say its perfect but ist 100% open source including the hosts and the encryption

@Decentralize_today Oh right,it isn't Google,it's Amazon.That's not much better but it's an important difference and since somebody told me Signal is hosted at Google,I always remember that incorrectly even if my tests clearly show that it's Amazon 🤦‍♂️

@nipos it don’t change the fact that’s it’s encrypted and they key is on your device. The code is open source unlike telegram

@nipos don’t get me wrong I prefer matrix and decentralisation. But the code is open source and really second to none when it comes to encryption. Session is a fork in Australia and telegram is selling data, working with law enforcement and people got arrested in HK because of them, so between this three sorry to say I take signal..

@nipos also session is from Australia what needs encryption back doors!

@Decentralize_today United States are working on a similar law currently and European Union,too 😥 The big difference is that Session does not have centralized servers.All data is stored encrypted on servers which are not in control by a single organization or company.How should the government enforce the anti-encryption laws in that case?At Signal and Whatsapp it's too easy as there are companies with access to everything which can (and will) implement backdoors.

@nipos even they have access to the servers they can’t read the messages.. that said I publish soon on Loki the mother company of session.. try to use your session ID - restore on desktop and not enter the recovery just the session ID! I was logged in no password... plus messages are sometimes delayed for days or not arrive at all.. it’s about privacy and I prefer to use signal what works also for the mother, grandma..I use matrix for most.. signal for the rest based on cryptography!

@nipos @Decentralize_today but Telegram isn't end-to-end encrypted by default. Telegram's company is able to see and analyze all private and group chats. This is much worse than Whatsapp where Facebook presumably is only able to see metadata (or reported messages).
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