Remember when I said using SELinux permissive is really bad? Here is a privilege escalation PoC where the only requirement is SELinux permissive. If you are still releasing custom ROMs/kernels with permissive, YOU ARE LITERALLY BACKDOORING YOUR USERS!

The First Team -'s Articles of the Year

The three memebers of the 'ed board' at are all sports minded...well, if you stretch from football to rugby to MMA, so when it came to choosing the 'article of the year' there was always going to be competition for places.

The Creation of Cryptostorage and its Wider Implications

As the third contribution to the state of Bitcoin we are presenting an article authored by The Mango Cart and originally published on Medium on December 15th 2020 (link below), which looks to a possible future direction for the currency.

EXPOSED! Big Brother in The Sky Governments and Drone

The final episode of 2020 in our continuing fight to expose governmental abuse of power and corporate mailfeasance sees us look to the skies...

The Part-Time Show Podcast The New Capitalism is

In this episode of The Part-Time Show podcast featuring Dr Kapil Amarasinghe, he addresses the issue of global wealth inequality and how it has resulted in a 40-year liquidity war with an impending 51% attack on the global economy.

Enjoy your weekend guys. I sure do. Started with a nice little delivery just after working hours.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 13 - Search Engines - Searching... - Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 13 - Search Engines - Searching...alternatives to Google

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