From Voting To Social Media: What Does The Future Hold For Digital Identity On The Blockchain

One of the biggest emerging use cases for is in the realm of decentralized digital identity, wherein governments and enterprises collect, verify and manage citizens’ personal data on-chain.

It's Too Late, Nothing Can Stop The Protocol - FEATURE: It's Too Late, Nothing Can Stop The Bitcoin Protocol

Understanding hard forks-peerchemist

Hard forks are a hot topic in the cryptocurrency space since mid 2017 and the Bitcoin:Bitcoin-Cash split. The Bitcoin-Cashfork may be the most memorable fork in recent times, but forking is in fact commonplace among blockchains. Multiple renowned cryptocurrencies like Moneroand Peercoin have hard-forked many times in order to upgrade and evolve the network protocol.

in the Mobile Application Market

With the vast competition already in the marketplace, several technologies are fighting to survive in the prevailing mobile app market scenarios.

Blockchain, at popular technology, is well aware to many due to its association with cryptocurrency like bitcoin. It’s now used in mobile applications to make transactions safe, secure and speedy.

in Sports Betting

Wanna enter the Sports betting industry? Are you worried about the transactional data, security and entry charges?

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