The First Critics To Admit They Were Wrong About Bitcoin - Op-Ed: The First Critics To Admit They Were Wrong About Bitcoin @miguelcuneta

Particl Project decentralize marketplace V3 upcoming launch - FEATURE: Particl Project development update marketplace V3 launch

Can ever be scalable?

Cryptocurrencies first emerged in 2008, with the introduction of by Nakamoto. The idea to create a distributed, decentralized network of payments was revolutionary, and quickly began picking up both followers and investors.

Feature - opera expands crypto-friendly blockchain architecture

Norwegian company , the first browser to introduce Web 3capabilities and a built-in wallet across its mobile and computer browsers, is adding several new features using

Congress Has Now Introduced 32 And Bills

There appears to be no shortage of interest in and blockchain policy in D.C. as Members in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senators have introduced a total of 32 bills in the 116th Congress. - top tips for making money with

bitcoin is the most popular in the world. Still, many have not yet unlocked the full potential of this currency to be something that helps them earn an outsized return on investment.


Stock market investors have what is called a Fear and Greed Index that gauges the performance of stocks in the market. - lawyers launch suit against Ecosystem in US

An American “litigation boutique” law firm, Roche Cyrulnik Freedman, formed in early 2020 with the specific aim of going after the cryptocurrency and cannabis sectors, filed a total of 11 class actions against 42 defendants in 16 countries on Friday, April 3, 2020 - proof of work system patent based on human activity

Microsoft recently filed a patent titled “ System Using Body Activity Data” which outlines a new cryptocurrency that uses body activity data for mining. This will allow users to mine a new token using brain waves or body heat.

Daily Dose: Toilet Paper Token

It's a slow day for BTC as it remains within its range. In the daily, price is currently hovering 6,300 with support around 5,600 and resistance still at 6,900 decentralization website relaunch

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