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Woohoo! Yesterday, 's Open touched its highest number of listings ever recorded (650+ listings, up more than 3x since launch)! 🎉

Visit DeMarkets's statistics page to watch the data in real-time


Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 4.1 - VPN Providers

Be aware.....using a VPN is not without risks and you need to appreciate what it will and what it won't do for you.

It will not keep your browser history secret, it will not provide security for non-secure (HTTP) traffic, it will not provide anonymity.

EFF wants to help end government use of face surveillance in your community.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 4 - VPN

Ok,,,,,so you have seen Mr.Robot, or read the news or maybe just developed a common sense that when you are on a public WiFi, that this is potentially a very serious treat to your privacy whether it be your local Starbucks, or an Airport WiFi, wherever......

It's only a 'Molotov' if it comes from the Molotov-Region of Russia.
Otherwise it's just 'Sparkling Petrol'.

How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer

The Tor Project Retweeted:

Privacy isn't about hiding bad things.

It’s about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are: our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities.

- Isabela Bagueros, Tor ED #TakeBacktheInternet …


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Tweetstorm Series: Naval Ravikant on Blockchains, Networks, and Markets.

As part of an on-going Tweetstorm Series, we showcase excellent Twitter threads on the most interesting topics in the industry and publish them here in blog format for easier consumption and sharing beyond twitter.

SAFE Network Dev Update - December 5, 2019

- New SAFE Vault and SAFE CLI (with the Authenticator daemon) released
- Beta channel releases for SAFE Network App and the SAFE Browser
- MaidSafe loan application update
- Defining the Minimum Viable Experience (MVE)
- rust_sodium is now fully deprecated

Great job everyone 🙌

Ever since 's has been live, stakers have been signalling for lower listing fees, bringing them down by 53% 🎉

That's some great news ahead of future code improvements that should bring fees down even more!



BREAKING: After public outcry, CBP is abandoning its plans to force U.S. citizens to submit to face recognition scans as a condition of international travel. We won't rest until the agency has committed to ensuring that all travelers will not be forced to submit to this program.

Privacy Cookbook - Chapter 3.4 - Browser Security

Today's Privacy Cookbook is all about browser security.

Lets start with Chrome or Chromium!

If it is your main browser, do the following.....use your browser to go to, to download the latest Firefox and after doing that delete Chrome!


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