One of the reasons I will never support BJP is because I don’t want any Indian to feel like a second class citizen & yes that matters to me more than development or anything. If it doesn’t to you am ashamed to share nationality with you

@Deepsealioness Even otherwise who would want to support a bunch of communal bigots ?

@Deepsealioness I saw ur tweet today that u would join this app and HOLY Sh*t u have 300+ followers.. Are u in Modi's PR team? You are damn ummm.. talented.. 🤔

@Deepsealioness I m not at all jealous of u😑

@sami_syed @PJ_KING lol I know right and they want me to be suspended in bird app! I mean what will they do with their life if am not around?

@Deepsealioness haha they will impersonate you, troll the fake account and will be contended.. like that IAS officer and other suresh TV guy does @PJ_KING

@Deepsealioness But Godse Promise I m not your troll😉
(Just a jealous guy)😑

@PJ_KING there are two sides to the fame and I would prefer to be a smaller handle

@PJ_KING lol no, it has way more bad than good. That’s why I prefer to use my smaller handle

@Deepsealioness Ik that unicorn wings handle😂
I spy u everywhere (Evil typical Bollywood laugh)

@Deepsealioness yep Ik I m awesome.. Thanks Thanks *blushes* @Polytikle you are awesome too but this was for me😎

@Polytikle you are awesome . . okay okay better than me. But @Deepsealioness this was for me.. 😂

@Polytikle @PJ_KING did reply go through or not? It was for you obviously but he is not bad himself

@Deepsealioness Jhuth hi bol deti🤦‍♂️@Polytikle ko bhi pata hai he is damn good😊

@Deepsealioness No I was never jealous of u😊(Wait u are literally the boss here and u are asking me am I jealous?? YES I M........😤)

@PJ_KING haha am no boss but I have a natural urge to organise the unorganised

@Deepsealioness See I told u.. I knew it. Now say it that u are the real developer of this interface 🤷‍♂️
Your secret has been revealed.. No No u can't hide it anymore

@Deepsealioness Hmm.. umm.. Okay.. So u do coding too.. Is there anything u don't do? Can u fly?🙄

@Deepsealioness Heck you beat me to this site. 👍
Anyway Hi There. drolltide on Twitter

@Deepsealioness Exactly! Everyone seems to be hung up on the illusion of development and a false sense of patriotism - especially Indian diaspora.

@Deepsealioness request to @Gargron to make one.
Hey Mastodon all good mastodians are on mastodan don't import rw mongers here make one rw mongertodians for them to survive.

Decided to immigrate to be at peace, it's not only Bjp the people are impregnated with deep-seated Aandh- bhakt parasite , now with govt revoking oci need torethink and fight back.
Love my country. Need a massive political spring

May be it is more essential to share humanality together rather than nationality.
May be it is time for the n-idea to be declared redundant.

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