The existing users on Mastodon are also looking for Indians to follow. So the more you write about yourself when you tag me, the more chances of you getting connected to people with similar interests. Only boosting your handle unless it is for purely your Twitter followers wont help. Give a bio, tag me, let’s connect beyond

@Deepsealioness I already wrote my introduction yesterday, but didn't tag you.

@Deepsealioness So true! Thank you for saying that up front and center!

@Deepsealioness Wow you should be given the social media award 🎁 for pushing people to write Bio and then get boosted. :awesome:

@pavi @Deepsealioness is the very heart and soul here ... so here's a big award and a sincere thank you to her🏆 ❤️

@Deepsealioness hii...I'm rizwan ali from dehradun india...I'm a writer, interested in politics, history ,religion , current affairs...looking for like minded people here on mastodon, for productive conversations ... hatemongers, bhaktts farzi libbus stay away...

@Deepsealioness Absolutely, people's movement needs to get global. I am a 23 yr old mechanical engineer. I live in sanghi area of Varanasi. I am very worried about increasing inequality and climate change, I want to interact with people who share similar concern. @Deepsealioness please give a boost.

@GreySasquatch @Deepsealioness yes it is and due to congestion city is very dirty too. Varanasi name derived from two rivers "varuna" and "assi". assi no more exists and is formally called assi nala, varuna is on verge of extinction.

@Prahlad @Deepsealioness it used to be very beautiful just few decades ago

offcourse we humans are responsible for its bad state..
and we humans will have to correct it

@GreySasquatch @Deepsealioness I am just 2 decades old so can't say much. though I recall my grandfather going to Ganges for bath everyday, no one will dare to do it now. Humans need to correct it, sooner we realise better it will be.

@Deepsealioness Ok.. please boost..
Or help me in spreading far n near.

A centre-left procrastinator and an anti-establishment journalist. Against Aadhaar and any such intrusive technology.

Religion is meant to be personal. And no one should interfere in another's plate.


@ashlinpmathew @Deepsealioness Center-left procrastinator! I finally have a phrase to describe myself. 🤣

@Deepsealioness feel good to follow you here too. Thanks for introducing me to @Mastodon .
looks great

@Deepsealioness System Admin, Left twitter a few days back because of toxicity and mainstreamness, I love Open source Tech, I share my thoughts on my blog linked in my bio, I mostly write about my world views and about technology/projects I am working on. I was a passive twitter user, but I am mostly active on here from 2018 on my alt account.

@Deepsealioness Prabha, me with same handle on Twitter as @jairajp - now here inspired by you and others like @jamewils to continue the Fight against Hate and Lies. Thanks for the boost in advance.

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