So people are asking what is boosting & what am doing.

Well simply put boost = RT

Why am I doing it? I came in early when people were moving to Mastodon so got a lot of followers. So if I boost your posts, 1.7k active folks can actually read it, this is just to help people find each other

Why am I asking for bio: fuck the influencers ,here it is purely content based so everyone is equal,no blue ticks,no nothing,so if you introduce yourself likelihood of more ppl following you

@HazratBilli @Deepsealioness

Khushi sb pahchan wale idhar hi mil rahe hain

Twitter pr nahi jana padega ab

@HazratBilli @Deepsealioness So good to see you guys here. You know when people will meet in heaven after completing their punishment. Kuch waisa hi feel ho raha hai😅

@Deepsealioness Well said... content is finally becoming the king/queen. Content Rules!

@Deepsealioness Thanks for the boost Akka😊 , happy to meet more like minded poeple🤗

@Deepsealioness After going through the torture of the headless chickens on Twitter and FB, We needed an alternative which is driven completely on content. And for what I can see, It's a good start!

Kudos and more power to u Mohtarma! 😊 Keep Boosting!

@Deepsealioness Good work!

You can also share the instances list for people to choose from like documented on this page.


Clients for Android/iOS etc

@x23u5 @Deepsealioness I gave it a try few days back was very buggy. I use Tusky now.

@Deepsealioness Hi lioness! I'm on Twitter (same name). Heard about Mastodon from you and a couple of others and *just* made an account. Trying to find my way around...Pakistani American; anti-sangh; anti-faux desi liberalism; very pro sci fi!

On filling out your profile: Yes. That.

Here, nobody knows who the fuck you are and what the fuck are you about. So fucking introduce yourself, would ya please. Do yourself a favor, choose an avatar and write a bio.

@Deepsealioness Hi there,
I'm a writer/actor/ filmmaker. My short film "Firdaws" was official selection for over 36 international festival and we won about 17 awards.
I create a diverse array of content, including scripts, songs, localization of content and sometimes just fun Vlogs like this one that talks about and on the streets of 😁🤓 👇🏻

"and we won about 17 awards." Not sure how many?

@Deepsealioness how to get that right mark is tgere any process to get verified like twitter

@Deepsealioness And waiting for your boost. I'm not your hater.
Photo nahi upload ho raha.

@Deepsealioness I still don’t entirely get it. Boosting is retweeting? So are we suppose to boost our own toot? That can’t be right. If anyone has figured out how to reach/find more people please help out. Thanks.

@Zararaj I am boosting everyone so you can find people in my TL or by browsing hashtag

@Iamazhar @Deepsealioness you should replace sachin to endorse boost. Oh wait is sachin still endorsing boost ?

@Deepsealioness hey can I get a follow? And looking to connect with more people.

@Deepsealioness Do one need to pay for boosting? And how to do it? Don't mind I am new here!

@Mahendrasingh_S @Deepsealioness The second a platform asks you to pay, run!!! The whole point should be free and equal access. Hoping Mastodon is that.

@Deepsealioness I have questions. So many questions. Answer me. Add more questions to my questions. Confuse the hell out of me, and then we sort each other's playlists. Sometimes, we can complete each other's sentences as long as they are quotes from Rumi, Bukowski, Kundera & the likes.

@Deepsealioness hey.. looks like you are enriched with mastodon
I’m a new mastodonian and request you to boost up my posts so that we can help each other.
Would love to grow & interact more here

@Deepsealioness hey there used to see you in twitter all the time. Had enough of the negativity there. Glad you are here too. Have a good day and keep up the good work of sharing love and peace

@Deepsealioness hey Prabha, just joined. And happy that I found you here:blobwizard:

@Deepsealioness thanks
यहां भी ट्विटर वाली ID बना ली। 😀

@Deepsealioness apart from the content to me also is very important the decentralized part, as you're not tied to Twitter which controls everything (for the good and for the bad)

@Deepsealioness but then y ppl are still cringy in doing all this.m glad u are not like why should I follow newbie

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