Finally am reading my TL , the major frenzy is over. Now it’s up to us to use this site for effective communication, entire news media Indian & International are talking about our exodus to Mastodon. We have created history guys, don’t leave the momentum

@Deepsealioness you are the change maker.

Major News portal are coming here

@Deepsealioness it was much required.... lost many of my followers but now will connect with people having the manners to discuss any topic in a civil manner.
no haters abusing you...amazing...
will be asking my friends to join this.....

First of all everyone from #India must thank @Deepsealioness 🙇 for bringing all the exodus at one place. We can easily follow and find people with varied interests all thanks to her 👏

I also felt that the major frenzy is over. We should start another wave 🎉 as soon as people get used to the #fediverse platforms. There are lot of Friends and Family to bring onboard. ✊

@pavi @Deepsealioness We're just warming up. Wait for the ones sitting on the fence still unsure if the is the place to be. They'll join soon.

Exact, hopefully twitter makes a few other mistakes. That would help the cause.

@Deepsealioness I’ve clearly been a bit out of the loop on this. I run two instances and saw a flood of seemingly Indian (I think!) users signing up over the last couple of days. Lovely to have so many more friends in the Mastodon ecosystem. Welcome!


Tweeter : 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗵𝗶 𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗹𝘆

Mastdon : 𝗙𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗱𝗼𝗺 𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗹𝘆

@Deepsealioness this is the second time you have done this. The first was getting thousands of users to add their name in arabic. Well done

@Deepsealioness இங்கயும் வந்துட்டீங்களா😍😍 நல்வரவு🙏


I too have JOINED the so as to have an alternative choice other than TWITTER on which I have 674 followers & I was Following you REGULARLY! God speed to you and all of us!

@Deepsealioness happy that you are all taking part of the !

The community at is kind and passionate.

There are many willing to answer questions and offer assistance.

I went back.and saw that Shehzad's disgusting "son of ram son of babar" tweet. @sanjayuvacha is suspended but the scum flourishes. They can keep it.
My strategy is guerrilla warfare. Go there. Scoff. Return.

@Deepsealioness yes, must invite all responsible people to cross over.

@Deepsealioness One suggestions to everyone here. We should do cross posting between Mastodon and Twitter. We post her and it gets cross posted on twitter through a link. Update the bio on twitter about your Mastodon I'd and ask them to join. Protect your tweets on twitter. This way we will ensure people to look up. The more we toot here and it gets cross posted on twitter, the better it will be

@Deepsealioness as long as this doesn't become gutter like twitter and fb hope not

@Deepsealioness Omg this is happening then. Finally a crowd sourced Social network!

@Deepsealioness I congratulate the media fraternity for this bold step. I hope the change like this in the Indian Media too, when there are no big wigs working and controlling the entire media just for their own benefits. The media should work independently for the ultimate benefit of the society.

@prabhjot @Deepsealioness Change happens only if we the people put efforts to make the change happen. You can start by creating some posts about things you work on or which you are interested. Start following the very nice list of people who joined via #India hashtag. Media is too centralised and decentralised platforms can break such hegemony, the best way to contribute is by being active and bringing onboard as many people as you can to the alternate ecosystem. ✊

@Deepsealioness Yass!! i joined astodon minutes ago and it really is cool and better.

I think the indian hype will vanish like the other ones (tumblr hype fo example .. )

Make a bet ?

@Deepsealioness big thank you to you,
To @sanjayuvacha to @naukarshah to @KavitaKrishnan and all other for making this happen
From News channels to Twitter
From Twitter to Mastodon
Thank you for all the followings and boost
Time will come to hit the street very soon
From Mastodon to Winning elections against BJP and fighting the Hydra is pending now

@Deepsealioness hope media both indian and world will soon join mastodon

@Deepsealioness @ninad @Memeghnad
I feel those influencers and opinion makers who have large following should actively start supporting the migration to #mastodon and ask their followers to do so. As we know this is a better alternative.
The biased birdie empire needs to be struck hard.

These are 🐦 birdie gems.
Amazon fire @Deepsealioness
crusader @imMAK02
thunder strike @TootsOfEl
Terminator @OpusOfAli
Hulk @girishNaught
Snow fire @nikhil_thatte
These guys talk sense 👍 i only figured few almost left many.

@Deepsealioness Absolutely true, there is a sense of calm and peace in here, no vile languages and threat. Could be because of less traffic then the bird site..but am loving it. I have changed my handle from @kafka to @kafkaaz :-)

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