A heads up to folks, this is not bird app, this is open source so each of the different instances you are in, there is someone else working for you to get this experience. I see lot of you asking for features and moderators, it’s pretty entitled I feel, they are funded by donation so pls try to donate to different instances you are in: for the number of folks we have brought in even if each of us pay 100 rupees, it will make huge difference . I will get information where we can donate

@citrustwee if you can help us find the web links for donation in various instances?

@Deepsealioness yes please. I tried Patreon yesterday but was bit confused and left.

@Deepsealioness happily, this platform deserves it. Let us know the process, or we can together collect and donate @girishNaught what say.

@Deepsealioness yes this is v important, the link to patreon for donations can be found below the page

@Iwalkalone @citrustwee @stux yes mstdn instance has a lot of folks due to blue tick so they providing links will be very useful

@Deepsealioness uhh I'm not sure about other instances but you can donate to the Mastodon project & with Patreon and with Open Collective

@citrustwee okay cool! Mstdn instance is flooded and I heard it is not as largely funded as mastodon and most went there for blue tick 😬 I will try to find others

@Deepsealioness @citrustwee I recommend,,, all of which are good instances
@citrustwee @Deepsealioness They have an Indian moderator which is good :blobcatdunno:

I haven't had bad experiences with them, I think Sander's realized what he did wrong and should be forgiven.

@mewmew @Deepsealioness i dunno lol he personally used multiple instances to harass me and called me slurs so i personally don't feel any need to forgive him

@citrustwee @Deepsealioness that's fair, you can make up your mind independently ofc

In my experiences though I'd recommend it

I should really make a list of good generalistic Mastodon instances (as I doubt many Indians would join a furry or lgbt-focused instance)
@mewmew @citrustwee @Deepsealioness Most of the current migration are fleeing inditoot type people on birdsite.
@mewmew @citrustwee @Deepsealioness More specifically, the seemingly government-aligned silencing of anti-fascist voices.

@Deepsealioness @citrustwee It depends on the instances, mods on have no control over instances

Most users got home at either or

So monetise contribution to these instances first.

Despite, is well funded but recent surge of new users must cost them resource.

It is advised new users to contribute to their respective home instance.

For donating to #Mastodon software development can be done later pace as instances requires financial support than development


@noorul @Deepsealioness @milcom how do you contribute to instance infrastructure ?

I don't.

I am running an other instance which is

Though, I am seeing a few making donation now.

Have you donated yet ?


@noorul on it . Patreon log in is a bit of a problem . I already have an account but forgot the password and it is not in the manager and patreon still hasn’t sent the reset link ...
Will do as soon as I can get in

@noorul Thx . the reduction in rage level after quitting twitter is worth much much more than this monthly subscription !

If you are generous to donate $10 every month, I suggest you something.

You may better have your own instance.

There is a service for this, roughly $10 monthly.

Even better, start/sponsor an instance which accommodate about 50 members.

The value is here to go decentralised, small.


@noorul wish I could spare the time . I spend quite a lot of time managing my own machines that I use for my ML/backtesting derivatives trading work . Will think about this though .

@ravichso @noorul good idea the issue is of having mods and such . Any place which doesn't have mod. could easily find itself in storm or be overtaken by people.

@shirishag75 @noorul spot on . I didn’t think about that 🤦‍♂️ . I was focused on the AWS / software , backups and stuff !

@ravichso @noorul those are relatively easy things, modding is the hard bitch, as well as testing, scaling whatever.

@shirishag75 @noorul been there done that , burnt more than fingers ! ( the scaling , testing bit ) . Moderation : hmm not sure if I have the temperament to calmly handle offensive posts !

one note. Unlike Online forum, social network etc, #fediverse are interconnected and. The core value is to connect remotely.

So breaking away is better option

@ravichso @shirishag75

I was telling about single user instance or private instance for closed users.

this avoids moderation.

@shirishag75 @ravichso

@noorul @ravichso true but that can only work if you are looking to grow some niche interests and have enough people to ascribe to it. That can work.

trust me, I would keep support self hosting.

I even trying to set up #Pleroma instance on my home server.

But I am having issues with IPv6 & IPv4 connectivity.

#Selfhosting is the best ;)

@shirishag75 @ravichso

@CharismaticSal_ @noorul you could donate even $1 every month and cancel any time when you reach your intended contribution

Credit cards are fine.
Debit cards are pain.

Top private sector, ICICI, Axis bak, HDFC debit card, & SBI debit cards work fine for me.

Indian overseas, Indian bank, similar cards failing.

@ravichso @CharismaticSal_

Actually, I've not checked out myself.

As far I seen now, once you login into, you are given credit/debit card & option.

in order use SBI card, it need to be Visa/Mastercard international and need to enable international transaction.

Enable transaction with SBI debit card is possible with sending sms or via Internet banking.


With choosing Paypal option, you MAY show Internet banking to pay. (This is I am not checked yet)

@CharismaticSal_ @ravichso

Like I mention before, not all debit card work for internationally.

#RBI restrict.

stupidly, there is even 2 system. When enabling International transaction for debit card, 1st they enable international ATM transactions, than need to request for international P.O.S (point of sale) again with some banks.

@ravichso @CharismaticSal_

@noorul @ravichso I think someone who has the access to international transaction can collect the fund and he or she pays the collected amount to the concerned website. But then, if the amount is high then tax thing comes.🤔

This concern to me earlier but not sure whom to turn to.

that someone need not be single person. May be a group of volunteers.

I don't know much of taxation. actually.

@CharismaticSal_ @ravichso

@noorul @ravichso seems to be a bit complicated process. They need to come up with some easier process of payment in India.

but before you give up, would be charm enough to give a try.

* Just visit

* select ur amount,

* signup a Patreon account

* enter your debit card detail

and try making payment.

let us know here the result.


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